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Chemsafe Offices / Archisbang

December 20, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

This project is the second episode of a fruitful collaboration between the client and the Archisbang studio, it involves the finishing and conversion of an uncompleted family villa into office spaces, acquired just at the lock-up stage through a bankruptcy auction. The building is located in Quagliuzzo (TO), just close to the Chemsafe Headquarters, which was already the subject of an intervention in 2015 by Archisbang.

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Villa Oranjewoud / Lautenbag Architectuur

December 17, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

The Frisian landscape is characterized by forests, ditches, lakes, and vast meadows. It is no wonder that an environment influences architecture. A good example of this is this barn house with a modern touch, which was anchored in the landscape, diagonally placed behind a national monument: the actual eye-catcher on the plot.

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Caulfeild House / Brisco Loran

December 4, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

Comprising the eastern half of an interwar semi, this South London home was extended progressively northward across the late 20th and early 21st centuries, forming an accretion of rooms and a poorly planned kitchen that struggled to define a working pattern of use. Key living spaces were pressed into the darkest areas of the home whilst the garden went underused, feeling poorly connected with internal life, despite the installation of wide folding doors.

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Solar Pavilion / V8 Architects

December 3, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

The central theme of Dutch Design Week this year is Get Set and indicates a shift in mindset: We’re bracing ourselves, it’s time to take action, and we have to do it together. The Solar Pavilion’s main argument is to transition from solar technology to solar design. Marjan van Aubel: Solar energy needs a new, more personal perspective that is part of our culture. This pavilion demonstrates that solar energy can be experienced and used in a new way. The pavilion is a sensory experience and, during Dutch Design Week, the place to poetically experience solar energy harvesting.

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Agristo Headquarters / OYO

December 2, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

How do you create a future-proof corporate HQ for hundreds of employees, a car park, and a new green space on a fairly modest plot of land? In 2018 OYO won the pitch (and is nominated for the BREEAM EXCELLENT accreditation) by asking and answering this question for Agristo, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of potato products in the world.

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MOUT Venlo Coffee / Buro Moon

November 26, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

MOUT Venlo opened in the former building of the museum van Bommel van Dam. The building was vacated in 2017 when it did not meet the contemporary standards for a museum. With the design of Buro Moon, the museum transformed from an introverted exhibition space into an inviting park pavilion with a brewery, cafe, and food hall. The new central glass addition creates a remarkable entrance at the heart of the pavilion.

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Attic Reconstruction in Gliwice / Dyrda Fikus Architekci

November 22, 2022 Luciana Pejić 0

The apartment was designed for a couple without children who decided to move from a single-family housing estate to a historic tenement house in the very center of the city. An unquestionable distinguishing feature of the previously unused attic is the wooden roof truss. Numerous posts, beams, struts, and braces create an effective structural system, which is the main inspiration for the project.