1. Hi, my question is how to fillet two entities that they are non coplanar. If you can make a video about that I will appreciate that a lot

  2. Hello. Your curve needs to be a 3d object for fillet to work. So, to fillet along a path, you need to create a 3d object along a curved path, then do the fillet.
    I have another video showing you how to make a 3d object along a path. Sorry, I’ve just tried posting the link, but youtube doesn’t seem to let me post the link.
    hth. scott

  3. hi i have a problem it says that i cant fillet along a curve.
    also i am making a car on autocad, is their a way to fillet along a path?

  4. AutoCAD defaults to a “top” view of the drawing area, showing only the XY axes. To see also the Z axis, you need to be using a 3D viewpoint (use menu pull-down View > 3D Views > (pick an “Isometric”). You’ll get a more “wireframe” looking XYZ UCS icon until you change the shade mode. Any shade mode but 2D-wireframe will give that colored UCS icon.

  5. Hello,
    I don’t have the program on this computer, therefore, from memory: I believe the cursor changes to this when you do a 3d orbit zoom. Have you tried that?
    Thanks for visiting, Scott

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