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Seven vibrant homes that use colour to make a statement

February 16, 2020 Natasha Levy 0
Colourful homes roundup:

A growing number of designers are ridding homes of nondescript magnolia walls and instead painting surfaces a rainbow of colours. We pick out seven striking examples. Nagatachō Apartment, Japan, by Adam Nathaniel Furman Sugary shades permeate this Tokyo apartment designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman. In the kitchen, candy-pink cabinetry juxtaposes watermelon-green vinyl on the floor,

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this floating artist studio in berlin has been built by hand to be closer to nature

February 16, 2020 macnadusa 0

this fascinating mini home, listed on luxury home rental brand plum guide, floats along the spree river in berlin. entirely hand built by the host, claudius, the getaway artist studio space allows guests to experience serenity and connect with nature — an alternative lifestyle from the bustling city of berlin.‘waking up in the houseboat feels like opening […]

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The Rise and Fall of Danchi, Japan’s Largest Social Housing Experiment

February 16, 2020 Tatiana Knoroz 0

Japanese mass housing from the 1960s is a fascinating cross-cultural experiment that merged Western and Soviet modernist typologies with traditional Japanese elements. Once a symbol of a new “modernized” way of life, it has since become a burden for Japanese society. Current living conditions in these housing estates are unsuitable for elderly residents and have given rise to the phenomena of kodokushi—lonely, unnoticed deaths inside of the apartments. Researcher and photographer Tatiana Knoroz explores the tragic fate of this modernist project in her essay for Strelka Mag.

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Mesón El Alamo Restaurant / v·om architecture & design

February 16, 2020 Pilar Caballero 0

This project is the renovation of a restaurant in a small town of La Mancha, Spain. The recent acquisition by the owner of an attached store allows for an extension to host storage and direct access for goods to the street. The dining area is then expanded taking the space of the old storage, maintaining its structure and roof, and natural light is let in through a double height space that maintains some of the original elements, such as fireplace and staircase. The main layout of the old restaurant is mainly maintained but some minor changes have a huge impact in circulations, light treatment and functionality.

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Gregg Pasquarelli of SHoP on the World’s Slimmest Skyscraper and City Development

February 16, 2020 The Midnight Charette 0

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, it features a variety of creative professionals in unscripted conversations that allow for thoughtful takes and personal discussions. A wide array of subjects are covered with honesty and humor: some episodes provide useful tips for designers, while others are project reviews, interviews, or explorations of everyday life and design. The Midnight Charette is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.