50 Stunning Outdoor Shower Spaces That Take You To Urban Paradise

Remember the Seychelles, where cobbled paths led to a tree-lined shower? Or that hotel in the Philippines, where the presenter showed a bath, lotus pool and sink area covered in lush forest? Create a cleansing haven of your own, with these fifty outdoor shower spaces for inspiration. Take a rainforest shower over polished wood decking, watering flower beds simultaneously. Sip a glass of wine in an armchair before washing, watching the fire roar and warm the area beside you. Look out through a window to the place where you soak, with an outdoor ensuite. Get inspired while you wash with these fifty opulent, outdoor shower spaces.

Photographer: Dan & Luiza  

Wedge your wooden waterfall between two slabs of rock. This shower in Kayumanis Private Villa and Spa in Ubud, Indonesia, surrounds your shower time with a stony-pebbled floor, wooden platform and array of luscious ferns and plants.

Source: Villa Belong Dua, Bali  

Get that spiritual feeling during your morning cleanse. Villa Belong Dua in Bali boasts ivy-covered walls, a stone plinth and platform and a mystical tree sprouting out of its bathroom. A stone statue of Buddha adds a final accent.

Source: Banyan Tree, Seychelles   

Travel to Banyan Tree in the Seychelles, to experience a shower that looks like a trebuchet. Gushing from a wooden pipe on a triangular tower, this shower waters the plants, the tiles, and you.

Source: Villa Des Indes, Bali  

Experience a sanctuary all your own in Bali’s Villa Des Indes. Intricate, traditional patterns engrave the soap and shampoo holder; a bevy of draping ferns and Buddhist court dancer add a touch of the mystical.

Source: Villa Karma Cantik  

After a less-pebbled look? This white fixture complete with latticed wooden drainage sprays a rainforest shower that lives up to its name.

Photographer: Andre Martin  
Source: Australian House & Garden, Sanctuary  

For a shower that could be replicated at home, this Australian creation proves a winner. Make a clearing along your pebbled pathway to house a large urn, rhododendrons and a full, sand-blasting shower.

Photographer: Dennis Anderson   

Find an outdoor stone platform to cleanse your form upon. Opening through a gorgeous bamboo thicket, this fern and flower retreat uses wood and concrete to take your shower full blast.

Source: Villa Bugis   

Get amongst the greenery with this tropical stone shower. Set atop a lawn with a pebble-lined platform, you can literally smell the freshness from surrounding fauna.

Source: Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Bali   

Why not bring the whole bathroom semi-exterior? This tiled enclave in Bali’s Sarinbuana Eco Lodge features potted plants, a stone wall, toilet and shower upon its tiled floor.

Source: Villa Atas Ombak  

Twisted trees greet the eye, through this bathroom’s beautifully-detailed doors. A stone urn in the centre grounds this room of ivy-covered posts and walls, while a single stream of water bathes customers to the left.

Source: Chandra Villa, Bali  

For an ensuite doubling as an outside shower, look to Bali’s Chandra Villa. Painted with Balinese characters, five wooden plinths lead to a modern shower in full view of your lover.

Source: Villa Atas Ombak   

Surrounded by open-slat windows, stone walls and a bath filled with petals, this outdoor shower is the definition of retreat. Wash two sets of hands in its standing bowls, alongside a marble statue, frangipani-filled vase and rolled hand towels. Take a bath looking up at the forest, or a shower amongst plants embedded in stone.

Source: Villa Atas Ombak   

Source: Villa Maridadi, Bali   

To create a more relaxed feel, try Villa Maridadi’s approach. Take a marbled corner wall and add a stone-clad shower plinth, wooden dresser, standing basins and an easel hanging towels.

Source: Bali Lani   

Bathe with Balinese dancers in this stone-walled shower sanctuary. Framed by the tall trees of the outside world, polished black stones create an entrance to a pod full of plants.

Source: Selasar Villa, Bali  

For those desiring a truly private shower, shroud it in high concrete walls. Give it an edge with borders etched in the standing plinth and wall.

Source: Five Elements, Bali  

Bali’s Five Elements has built a truly tropical paradise. Lined with bamboo walls and an unusual oval mirror, varnished wooden floors lead to a shower headed by a thatched roof. Patches of stony path, cane furniture, trees and fernery polish off the look.

Source: Vila Vita Parc, Portugal  

Ever wanted to shower within a cave? You can in this Portugese resort, which created a tile mosaic shower in the middle of a rock shaft.

Source: COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali  

Bali does it again with this single stream shower. Pouring over a wall of brick, this cleansing space meets a thatched roof, tree view and traditional wood and bamboo furnishings.

Source: Tadrai Island Resort, Fiji  

For an outdoor shower that screams luxury, Fiji’s Tadrai Island Resort has the answer. An open slatted roof lets in palm trees outside, while an unusual tree grows in the centre. Take a shower underneath its branches, while a stone spa awaits.

Source: Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel, Portugal  

Sit beside the fire after your relaxing outdoor cleanse. Go to Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel in Portugal to enjoy a bath that meets the shower, stone walls that meet indoor trees, and a traditional wooden chair before a glass of red wine.

Source: Janni Delér  

Take a shower between wood, rock and stone. Chandra Villas in Bali makes simple, bold shapes work in a refreshing outdoor haven.

Source: Janni Delér  

Janni Delér designed another Chandra Villa shower. Based off circular geometric discs, this one-piece wooden fixture cleanses your body beside hanging ferns and a tree. A leaning towel rail adds functional interest.

Source: Maya Ubud Resort  

Take a romantic shower for two in this joint stone shower. Two rainforest heads meet wooden panelling on the floor and sides, for a shower that makes you feel jungle-bound.

Source: Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, Philippines  

Differing sizes of circular tiles lead to a shower shrouded in bamboo. This Filipino resort offers a petal-filled bath for a glimpse of a wall in flower.

See your shower wall literally burst with life. Place a simple varnished plinth upon a bed of stones, for a shower that takes you closer to nature.

Photographer: Hanh Merriman   

Prefer the stream to come direct? This brick and plaster creation meets a wooden deck laden with ferns and cleansing trinkets.

Source: Calistoga Ranch  

For a man-made look, take a leaf out of this ranch’s shower. Housing a sloping tree within its panelled wooden walls, a sliver of tiling marks the space for a downpour.

Source: One & Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius  

Half indoor, half-outdoor, this shower in Mauritius lets water fall down a stony path. Framed by stone seating and potted flora, enter the garden or the room through matching wooden doors.

Source: Architectural Digest  

Writer Judy Blume showers in this flower-laden sanctuary. With open sliding doors and a rock-embedded fountain, a hot bath for soaking awaits inside.

Source: Realtor  

Judy Blume sure loved her outdoor showers. A different setting in the same location, take her shower upon a wooden plinth between the trees.

Designer: Erin Michael  

Looking for something simple you can build at home? Take the bottom of your back entrance, add a plant-climbing wire and fit in a fixture for a shower out of doors.

Designer: Madeline Stuart   
Photographer: Roger Davies   

Feel floral after your morning shower, amidst a bed of roses. A rainforest head pours down to a deck laden with pots and a French metal door.

Source: Shangri-La’s Rasa Resort & Spa, Penang, Malaysia  

Feel the shower above your spa, in Malaysia’s Shangri-La Rasa Resort. Planted ferns and lacquered urns set the scene for a culture-infused bathing ritual.

Designer: Rolling Stone Landscapes  

Make your inside shower feel exterior. Varnished wooden planks lead up to a bath lit by drop lights and shrouded in greenery.

Designer: MM+ Architects  

Beach lovers see practicality in this outdoor shower. Wash off the sand in its stone enclave, before migrating to bathe in the interior.

Visualizer: Viz Pix Studio  

Increase your indoor-outdoor flow by removing your bathroom door. This perfectly-preened bathroom walks you to a wooden-plank pool and seat amongst the greenery.

Designer: Outdoor Establishments  

Make your outdoor shower easy to clean. This wood and tile fixture meets potted shrubs and a hedge, for soap suds that can literally be hosed away.

Designer: Chateau Construction  

A wooden lattice can hold roses, ivy and ferns. Place large slabs of stone before a strip of wooden shower for a spot of self-cleansing.

Source: Birmingham Home & Garden  

Create a natural oasis along your fence. This Birmingham outdoor shower features shrubbery beside a classic rainforest shower head.

Photographer: Michael Woodall  

Rather make your wall entirely out of trees? Make concentric brick circles around an array of pebbles, for an exterior shower that seems truly in the open.

Source: 137 Pillar House, Chiang Mai, Thailand  

For the outdoor shower that feels indoor, this Chiang Mai, Thailand haven does the trick. Pebbles and patterned mosaics foreground eight candle cubbies and a modern rocking chair.

Source: Fella Villas  

Segment your garden off the side of your shower. This tiled and planked plinth offers yuccas, moss, lily ferns and shrubs for viewing.

Designer: Khosla Associates  

After a more minimalist look? Open a concrete shaft and fill it with pebbles, a dug-out bath and potted tropical fern.

Architect: Breathe Architecture  

Brass fittings make all the difference. Effusing an antique vibe, this shower winds round in an industrial fitting connected to a double wall and door.

Designer: Tocha  

Make a path to sensual cleansing in your home. This bathroom opens up to a shower on the lawn, an elegant steppe bath and twin showers in marble.

Designer: Allure Design  

This shower defines the modern urban jungle. See palm trees tower over a modern chrome shower, aisled with twin ferns and a tree on the inside.

Designer: Spell Designs  

The home of fabulous DIY ideas, Spell Designs has designed a bathroom we all would muster. A gorgeous pink standing tub sits on a plethora of pebbles in this bamboo-walled, pot-planted paradise.

Source: Makarios Houses, Macari, Italy  

Often have a family drenched in mud or sand? Develop a shower they all can enjoy, like this stone path chrome shower in Macari, Italy.

Designer: Diego Granese  

For the truly modern shower experience, you can’t go past this circular design. Perfect for a rectangular, minimalist home, the Loop Shower is the perfect way to wash off after the pool.

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