Chic Polish Family Home That Embodies Luxurious Relaxation

What is a family home? It is a place of encouragement, and warmth. A place where you can be with your loved ones. Where you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. This is a place where you connect with those who are closest and dearest to you. For OFD Architects, it is all those things and where you can retreat into the embodiment of luxurious comfort. This home is more than an ideal or a dream- it is a place where a family can live in absolute comfort. That is what they wanted to create. And that is what they did? Come, see for yourself…

We begin our tour in the living room. The home is a mix of organic and luxury, which all works together to create a cloud of relaxation and luxury.

The organic elements in the room play a large role in the creation of a soothing and leisurely environment. As humans, nature will always soothe us. We can use these elements to create something stylish, like the coffee table for example.

The triangular shelves with stacked wood looks incredible, and the black wall is a bold contrast against the light color palette. The double height living room provides a light and airy aura that takes the room to the next level.

Wide wooden boards work well with the white walls and the matching wall creates a unified aesthetic.

A white ceiling that is open and tall with strategically placed windows creates the open and relaxing atmosphere that defines this home.

Life is incredibly boring without contrasts, and this staircase is an engaging feature to the room. An indoor garden is always a good idea, and creates a small paradise for all to see.

Wide sliding doors incorporate the garden into the home, and adds depth.

The dark wooden dining room table looks luxurious and has enough space for everyone, including a few guests. You don’t need to incorporate many design features in a room that has such a panoramic view.

Bowl like dining pendants look smart and sophisticated in this room, this aesthetic is heightened when paired with a contemporary painting.

Big windows are always a good idea, as they provide an ever changing scene to grace your home, provided that the view is worth it of course.

A black kitchen bar is both modern and the perfect place for the family to congregate in the morning.

A comfortable chair in a dark black cupboard looks incredibly soothing, proving that dark colors can also put the mind at ease.

This garden wall is pure genius. It is such an innovative contrast that immediately captures the attention.

You can’t make an entire room black, because you’d never find anything. So a white contrast in this walk-in closet is a good idea.

Ceiling to floor mirrors are an absolute necessity in this glamorous closet, that also make the room look bigger.

The minimalist main bedroom is a little darker than the rest of the home, and looks incredible nonetheless. A dark accent wall and light headboard create an effortless focal point to the room. The bedside adornment also adds a luxurious feel to the image.

The room comes with entertainment, artwork that is casually propped up against the wall, and enough space for the family pet to enjoy himself.

The best part of the room, though, is the amazing view. Thick curtains also ensure that the homeowner will be able to sleep to his/her heart’s desire without the morning sun branding the eyes.

The main walk in closet is a work of art and looks more like an upscale clothing store than an actual private closet.

Everything has been perfectly ordered, and the make up table is a nice touch that the lady of the house no doubt appreciates.

In this bathroom you can have your pick of an invigorating shower or relaxing bath, all within a few inches of each other. The bathroom looks unified, something to calm the mind.

His and hers amenities are a must for every couple. While modern fittings are a need for any individual.

A ladder-like towel rail is practical and chic. Textured walls paired with white glossy walls are a good idea because they add depth to the room.

This bathroom’s design is reflected in this one angle. Nature, and bold contrasts paired with sleek design.

The clean cut lines of the bathroom looks sleek and polished, turning an ordinary bathroom into a refined room fit for the highest class.

A panel of glass showing the frigid conditions outside makes the homeowner grateful for his/her warm surroundings.

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