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Gangi House / SAI Architectural Design Office

September 30, 2022 Andreas Luco 0

A house where a couple of grandchildren and their five children live on the land where their grandmother used to live. The couple are entrepreneurs, actively working and interacting with a variety of people. We aimed to create a house that integrates living and work, and that can accommodate a variety of activities as a richness. Although there is a field on the south side of the site, the residential area is separated from the field to the extent that it cannot be seen from the street side. The gap between the building and the neighboring land was made into an outer earthen floor with an open space to the rear, as it was necessary to extend the eaves of the house due to landscape restrictions. A terrace on the farmland side, which can be accessed from both inside and outside, creates an outside gathering place for a variety of people in a house that often welcomes visitors. 

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Partisans designs Toronto high-rise informed by architectural “revision clouds”

September 30, 2022 Ben Dreith 0

Canadian architecture studio Partisans has designed a residential tower in Toronto that takes its shape from both natural clouds and revision clouds – a notation architects use in technical drawings. If built at the proposed 15-17 Elm Street site in downtown Toronto, it will be 99 metres tall and contain 32 floors of apartments and

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The Linear House / The Company of Design

September 30, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The Linear house is tucked away in the high-density town of Mandvi, Gujarat. As the name suggests, the design is driven by the site constraints of a 3m x 30m plot size, open-ended on both sides along the length, with an active street front, and an open courtyard at the back. Adhering to the original live-work housing typology also found in the neighborhood, it was important to not only segregate and provide privacy but also break away from the linearity of the living space and provide ample daylight. This was achieved by adding a floating bridge in the middle, which helped create a central double-height volume, and provided the opportunity to bring in natural daylight through an articulated skylight on the roof. Adding a central staircase helps organize and connect all the spaces around it, while creating a seamless visual connection between them, thus making it an ideal spot for the living space to be situated, transforming it into the social hub of the house.

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EYRC maintains industrial detail for office campus built in a former LA Times facility

September 30, 2022 Kate Mazade 0

Los Angeles studio Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects transformed the derelict Los Angeles Times printing facility and Orange County newsroom into an office campus in Costa Mesa, California. The adaptive-reuse project, known as The Press, celebrates the building’s industrial history while reactivating the spaces for people. The printing facility and Orange County newsroom were designed

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Japandi Interiors With Unique Flair

September 30, 2022 HD Staff 0

With a focus on muted colour palettes, natural materials, and simplicity, the Japandi interior style perfectly melds Scandinavian and Japanese style principles. Wood, wicker, bamboo, cane, cotton and linen textiles blend rustic warmth with functional minimalism to fuse form and function. The two beautiful Japandi interiors we feature here, each exhibit stylish flair and engaging […]