40 Blue Couch Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Design Around The Color

Blue couches provide a hit of pzazz that can uplift even the dullest of living room design schemes. But why settle for just one great component? We’ve put together a collection of living room designs that will boldly complement a blue hero piece, from modern minimalist designs and industrial style spaces to cosy living rooms and classic interiors. These 40 inspirational blue couch living rooms come with tips and ideas to help you design around the colour effectively by using contrasting hues and complementary shades. We’ll explore a bunch of stylish living room decor elements, including modern lighting ideas, side tables, and living room wall art.

Designer: Holland Harvey  

Bold blocking. Use a blue couch to blend into a band of ​​horizontal color blocking. The combined saturation of color will achieve solid cohesivity.

Designer: Vladimir Radutny  

Blue on red contrast. An electric blue sofa makes a wonderful contradiction to the exposed red brickwork in an industrial-style loft setting.

Visualizer: Kvadrat Studio  

Blue and wood tone. This blue sectional sofa arrangement creates a band of bright contrasting color beneath the visual warmth of a wood-clad ceiling.

Visualizer: Monika Machnicka  

The Mondrian method. Team a primary blue sofa with red, yellow, and strong black borders to create a striking cubist design.

Visualizer: Svetlana Savinova  

Tribal vibes. A blue couch makes an ideal jumping-off point for a colorful tribal interior aesthetic. Throw in bright scatter cushions and wall decor like this Chili-Tribe Mask set by Umasqu.

Visualizer: Orko Studio  

Another tribal-inspired living room decor scheme, this time with teal blue couch upholstery and a natural jute rug.

Designer: Alvorada Arquitetos  

This teal blue couch is introduced to energize a tropical living room scheme that has a matching blue hammock.

Visualizer: Mỹ Trọng Trần  

Blue and gold. Whether you team your blue sofa with golden yellow accent cushions or a gold living room chandelier, this is a luxe color combo that exudes style.

Visualizer: 梦太初   

Space to breathe. When you fall in love with bold-colored furniture, use pale walls, floors, and ceilings to create breathing space in between.

Visualizer: Noura Faris  

Royal blue tufted sofas make a regal impression in a neoclassical living room. Team with metallic gold accent tables to enrich the scheme.

Visualizer: Jin Gai Biao Xian  

Modern and abstract. Employ blue sofa sections and back pillows to break up a large seating arrangement. This approach works particularly well in abstract decor schemes with sculptural elements.

Visualizer: Cartelle Design  

Industrial bolt of blue. Raw concrete, natural wood tone, and matt black powder coated metal makes a moody industrial background. Fix in a bolt of blue to shake up the shadowy aesthetic.

Photographer: Seth Powers  

Connect with nature. Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, so goes hand-in-hand with lush greenery and floral prints.

Visualizer: Ursa Studio  

Elegant eclectic. Make a mashup of styles, time periods, and color with an eclectic concoction. A soft blue tufted sofa will have a calming effect on the busy blend.

Visualizer: Krishna Prasad  

Bed down on a matching living room rug to create an island of color.

Photographer: Photovisions  

Geometric impact. When matching a blue sofa and blue walls, ensure smaller elements bring bright contrast. Or, utilize sharp patterns, like this eye-catching geometric rug.

Coastal calm. Blue upholstery and light woods raise cool coastal charm. Add nautical stripes and painted wall panels to complete the look.

Visualizer: Ugo Concept  

The wrap around. Create a loop of color around your living room with an L-shaped blue sofa and a blue focal wall.

Designer: Crea Design Studio  
Visualizer: Andrey Popov  

Color isolation. In an open plan living room, a blue sofa and matching walls can be used to create zoning. By sticking to just one color in the lounge, it is clearly distinguished from an adjacent dining spot or kitchen.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Aqua infusions. Blue and turquoise melds make a magical watery aesthetic.

Visualizer: Nexus  

A pop of purple. Shake up your blue furniture arrangement with a punchy purple area rug.

Via: Budget Blinds  

Rustic rebel. Cream and brown decor elements make a fitting rustic palette but a navy blue leather couch adds a unique touch.

Visualizer: Oleg Tyrnov  

Muted meld. Gray walls and fitted cabinets make a muted accompaniment for a rich blue couch. The result is a sophisticated palette with dark drama.

Designer: SMLXL  

Tie in with a feature wall. Complement the specific shade of your couch with a color-matched wall. You’ll find a fabric swatch under the seat cushions of your sofa; take it to the paint store for a custom mix.

Visualizer: SVOYA studio  

The center of attention. Use a standout sofa color and a double sided sectional arrangement to create a central focal point in a large living space.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Petrol blue and orange collision. Enliven a deep petrol blue couch with flame orange accents.

Visualizer: Lena Trofymenko  

Just a touch of color completely changes the vibe of a predominantly white minimalist interior.

Visualizer: Laurentiu Isopescu  

Create a sky blue mood with a light blue sofa and yellow drops of sunshine.

Visualizer: Michał Cychol  

Jewel tones fashion an upmarket appeal.

Architect: Zrobim  

Link a blue sofa with color-matched built-ins.

Visualizer: Materica d_sign  

Place pretty blue accent pieces in a row to increase their color presence.

Visualizer: Alexander Kuzmenko  

Complement a crisp light blue sofa with chic black and white art prints and an industrial-style metal coffee table.

Designer: Yu Chu Interior Design  
Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

Pastel perfection. These blush pink accents make sweet additions around a baby blue couch.

Visualizer: Ford Design  

Pack a punch with pop art. The colors blue, red, and yellow are prominent in many famous works, particularly in Roy Lichtenstein pieces. A bright blue couch will draw out the blue elements.

Visualizer: Estúdio RM2  

Gray-blue sofas make cool companions with industrial-style concrete decor. Inject a blast of red to turn up the heat.

Visualizer: Jan Kudelasek  

In this industrial boho interior, round rugs are used to place contrasting color and texture around a contemporary blue sofa design.

Visualizer: 范特西火力全开  

Use a blue sofa and a succinct group of complementary items to fashion colorful minimalism. This curved sofa design also sets a simple shape theme that translates into a spherical chandelier and a globe vase.

Visualizer: PressRender  

Expand blue hues with color-matched wall paneling.

Visualizer: Angelo Ochoa Mejia  

Alternatively, treat wall paneling with a high contrast finish. This sunny yellow hue has an uplifting effect on a dark blue sofa design.

Visualizer: Nastia Perchyk  

Electrify dark spaces with an unexpected jolt of blue. See more pictures of this stunning home design more pictures here.

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