51 Bedroom Color Ideas That Will Transform Your Space from Boring to Beautiful

Are you tired of a drab bedroom? A fresh color scheme can do wonders for your mood and make you want to get up in the mornings! But with so many colors and applications to consider, you might feel like just pulling the covers back over your head and forgetting the whole thing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 51 bedroom color ideas that will successfully take your room from boring to beautiful. Whether you prefer soothing neutral palettes or bold and bright statements, there’s something in his inspirational selection for everyone. Get ready to create a bedroom that you’ll love from morning till night.

Visualizer: Naresh Mistry  

Paint a fresh morning splash of aqua blue and pull in yellow accents to get you energized. Ground the look with a few earthy brown elements.

Visualizer: Katerina Maksimova  

A green bedroom takes on a chic, moody aesthetic when combined with weighty black underpinning. This textured headboard wall reminds us of a high-end boutique hotel.

Visualizer: Pristin Interiors  

A wood-paneled wall raises the visual temperature in the room and brings in stunning natural pattern and texture. Overlay the rich paneling with a smooth upholstered headboard and accessories in calming beige.

Visualizer: Thi Cao  

Teal accents fashion a regal look, which works fabulously with elegant arched decor. Pair your teal elements with a mellow shade of yellow to construct a scheme with positive energy.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Romanova  

Beige and greige make a tranquil palette for a boho bedroom decor scheme. Accessorize with natural rattan and wood accessories to construct a texture-rich experience.

Visualizer: Design Agency  

Paint a vibrant color clash with bold shades of blue, red, yellow, and green. Get creative with overlaid color-blocking that extends right down to the baseboards.

Source: Annie Sloan  

Color an eclectic bedroom with shades of warm coral pink, brown, yellow ochre, and Prussian blue, like this eye-catching concept. Here, a layered headboard and wall treatment build an extraordinary 3D effect.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Tan, beige, and brown geometric slices cut a cool headboard feature wall for kids’ bedrooms and adult spaces alike. Throw in areas of light wood tone and plenty of blank white space to keep the look fresh and welcoming.

Designer: Masquespacio Design  

Summer vibes ooze from a decor scheme of bright yellow, playful pinks, and ocean blue. Hang up beachy accessories, like these awesome graphic surfboards to complete the theme.

Designer: Bari J Designs  

Throw yourself into color with neon pink and orange accents and a floral ceiling. Enrich the scheme with deep blue anchors and a background of soft neutrals.

Visualizer: Tulumi interiors  

Assemble a fresh blue and white color scheme with a hint of luxe by installing subtle gold accessories, like these elegant mini pendant lights.

Visualizer: Irina Shtykh  

Apply your colors in attention-grabbing stripes. Build a column of color-matched bookshelves beside the bed and paint decorative crown molding to match.

Visualizer: Caio Rodrigues  

Tiles aren’t just for the bathroom. This colorful bedroom idea delivers a half-height tiled concept in vivid cobalt blue, which makes a stunning contradiction to deep red walls.

Source: Joy Me  

Imagine a Mondrian inspired interior design with blocks of primary yellow, red, and blue, separated by thick black linework and clean white space.

Visualizer: Maurício Coelho  

If you like to feel cozily cocooned whilst you snuggle up with some bedtime reading, then how about this sophisticated blue and golden mustard color duo? The pops of pink chase away any doubts of mundanity.

Visualizer: Serg Ushakov  

Install a black framework to contain three or four bright color choices within organized blocks. This way, you can easily change up your color scheme later with a few mini tester pots!

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

Use upholstery to get your color scheme across. Build a unique two-color headboard feature wall using tufted panels, stacked from bed to ceiling. Choose plush, velvety materials to conjure a sense of luxury.

Designer: HAO Design  

Construct a geometric upholstered headboard design, using subtle, complementary shades of pastel blue, gray, and beige.

Designer: Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors  

Swag colorful curtains around the head of the bed to create a romantic canopy effect. Color-match the curtains to the focal wall to achieve a calmly cohesive vignette.

Visualizer: yad design  

Sage green and burgundy make a stunning color combination. Use peaceful shades of greige to bridge the gaps.

Visualizer: IHHK Studio  

As a slightly bolder alternative, switch out the sage for a stronger emerald green shade. Flood the backdrop with cool gray walls, add a matching bedroom rug, and lay some fresh white sheets.

Visualizer: Ivan Stoyka  

Color-match your bedside table and bedstead with your statement color headboard wall, then push back the rest of the room with black or charcoal gray.

Visualizer: Ksenia Kyshnerchyk  

Combine shades of green and burnt orange within a magnificent floral feature wall. Pale pink details make this space genuinely bloom.

Visualizer: Andrey Popov  

Overlay a commanding, colorful mural wallcovering with metallic bedroom pendant lights. The added shine will make the focal point really pop.

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

Override a classic white bedroom design with modern interruptions of bright color. These yellow, plum, and Prussian blue accents positively sing over their pale neoclassical backdrop.

Visualizer: UV Architects  

Enjoy a strong saturation of color and shadowy drama all at the same time. Teal, blood red, and anthracite furniture and decor elements concoct dark magic.

Visualizer: Shadi Saaed  

Shades of gray with warm undertones make a quietly comforting setting in which to unwind after a taxing day’s work. Introduce an array of lush green indoor plants to invigorate you come morning.

Visualizer: Dulce in piro  

Cap a lofty, pale beige or white bedroom decor scheme with a ceiling of warm wood tone. Scatter matching wooden pieces around the layout, along with jute rugs and wicker baskets to achieve cohesivity from top to bottom.

Visualizer: Nada Fadly  

A muted green headboard stands proud against a swathe of light gray. A contrast of plain and patterned treatments brings further emphasis.

Visualizer: Black N White  

An olive green tufted headboard makes a sumptuous pairing with freeform black, beige, and brown stripes.

Visualizer: Victoria Shvachka  

Pewter green and brown make a muted color combo that packs a punch. A wall of striking graphic pattern adds artistic personality.

Visualizer: Black n White Studio  

Russet brown accents add flickers of heat to a cool gray and black bedroom design. Introduce textured detail to swathes of black decor with fluted gypsum boards.

Visualizer: Emre Bayraktar  

Royal blue elements make a regal partnership with gold accents. Installing thin strips of metallic gold or bronze through a paneled headboard feature wall gives the room a richly reflective quality without appearing pretentious. Finish off with a pair of lustrous bedside table lamps.

Visualizer: AZH Designs  

Bring neutral bedroom color schemes to life with light. A subtle mural is wildly elevated by the installation of LED light strips around its edges.

Designer: Hana Lerner Arquitetura  

Don’t hold back. If you love color, then push your bedroom decor to the extreme with an artistic headboard wall, bright scatter cushions, ombre curtains, and colorful baskets.

Visualizer: ON Design  

Gray and ink blue add great depth to a beige decor scheme–although this fabulous beige relief wall has intricate depths all of its own.

Visualizer: Diego Narvaez Daza  

Gaze at misty mountains with an appropriately themed mural wall and a moody blue bedroom color scheme.

Visualizer: Julia Buza  

Give beige decor more gravity by surrounding the lighter details with a solid black accompaniment.

Visualizer: MS DESIGN STUDIO  

All-yellow decor will make every morning feel bright and cheerful.

Visualizer: Kate Yarmoliuk  

A blush pink and powder blue color scheme will have you sleeping like a baby.

Visualizer: Sherin Hany  

Transform an all-gray bedroom design with slivers of purple, such as a bed runner, drapes, and a slimline modern bedroom chair.

Visualizer: Pavel T  

Achieve a tailored look by encasing colorful bedroom art within a system of white, cubist-style wall panels.

Visualizer: Pavel T  

Offset a dark teal bedroom design with a single piece of bright and eye-catching wall art.

Visualizer: Andrew Taran  

Dripping with gold, this home interior features a metallic ceiling treatment that trickles down onto a green-washed wall. Two modern wall sconces continue the Midas touch.

Visualizer: Katerina Saykovskaya  

Use a triptych to set your color scheme, like this dreamy red blossom piece.

Visualizer: Art Group  

Color-coordinate your wardrobes to set your bedroom apart from the rest. This set has a cool dual-color finish and deeply fluted doors.

Visualizer: Archiplastica  

Color-match your bed to the rug to establish an island of solid color. Let the rest of the room decor fall away in light neutrals and natural wood tones–or raw concrete, as in this design.

Visualizer: Denis Chigidin  

Paint a color split, placing the lightest tone at the top to make the ceiling height feel taller and the room feel airier. This tonal layering is especially helpful in rooms with an imposingly dark base note.

Visualizer: Inna Shapovalova  

Create a light pause within a dark bedroom with a section of wood tone and focussed perimeter lighting. Floor-to-ceiling wood paneling works particularly well at the head of a 4-poster bed.

Visualizer: Geometrix Design  

Push beyond the realms of normality and mundanity with a uniquely sculptural black and white bedroom design. Here, undulating waves extrude across the bedroom TV wall. A bespoke media console shelf echoes the curved feature.

Source: Ivy Muse  

Crisp white decor will always go hand-in-hand with a minimalist bedroom. Retain textural interest by simply whitewashing exposed brickwork rather than closing it in.

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