51 Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas with Boho-Chic Appeal

Nothing says “effortlessly glamorous” quite like the breezy bohemian look of a well-crafted macrame wall hanging. This aesthetic is more than just a retro throwback – savvy decorators have refined this classic craft with a new contemporary look, the objects more refined than ever before. This compilation features our favorite macrame creations from designers and artists across the web, each piece available for sale online right now. Find large-scale macrame wall sculptures, creative modern plant holders, beautiful macrame shelves, curtains, and more. Embrace your inner bohemian with the gorgeous macrame wall hangings below.


Large Beaded Macrame Wall Hanging: Macrame wall hangings excel at making spaces feel warmer and more welcoming, all while maintaining a neutral presence that won’t overwhelm the surrounding decor. This gorgeous accent is handwoven from cotton suspended by a wood dowel, with decorative beads strung along the tassels. This piece measures at 42 inches in width for versatile placement possibilities.

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Cotton and Wood Large Macrame Wall Hanging: Need something sure to make a definitive visual statement? This exciting macrame wall hanging measures at an impressive 60 inches in width, ideal for use in a focal placement – hang above a sofa, at the head of a bed, or on an accent wall. Each one includes the necessary hanging hardware.


Kahlo Small Macrame Wall Hanging: Small but effective, the handsome Kahlo wall hanging is a fantastic selection for small accent placements. Use on a narrow wall, above a beside table or end table, or as an artistic addition to a gallery wall composition. Light neutral cotton ensures easy coordination with any interior palette.


Small Woven Macrame Tapestry: Blurring the lines between tapestry and macrame wall hanging, this beautiful work of art offers tremendous texture for any interior environment. This piece is handwoven from a combination of wool and cotton, highlighting the natural beauty of both fibers.


Beaded Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging: Wooden beads make this macrame accent feel warm and natural, ideal for interior themes like cottage chic, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian hygge. The ribbon-cut fringe makes this piece especially impactful and eye-catching.


Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf: Macrame wall hangings don’t have to stop with pure decoration. This attractive design features handwoven macrame details that support a fully functional shelf made from wood in a light natural finish. Because this piece measures at just 12 inches across, it’s ideal for filling in blank spaces on an eclectically-decorated wall.


Large Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf: Geometric details and breezy long fringes make this small macrame shelf a fitting addition to trendy modern themes. Use to hold small succulents, air plants, decorative figures, and more. The macrame ropes are made from natural cotton and the shelf is made from pine.

$200BUY IT

Wave Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf: This creative macrame shelf stands out from the rest. This piece features lengths of twisted cotton rope worked into a playful wave pattern that serves as a charming bohemian backdrop the floating mango wood shelf it accompanies. This is a design by Ushvi Shah Manek – also available in a variety of other patterns for easy coordination.


Macrame Wall Hanging Mail Sorter: Get organized and stay organized without sacrificing your laidback bohemian style with this whimsical macrame mail sorter. Hang near your entryway to keep nearby tables free from mail clutter or use as a smart magazine storage solution in the office. The options are endless for this creative organizational accent.


Wall-Mounted Macrame Cat Bed: As notorious lovers of all things yarn, it’s no surprise that cats would appreciate a beautifully crafted cat bed made from gorgeous woven cotton. This incredibly creative macrame cat hammock is available with a stylish modern cushion or without the cushion so that you can add your cat’s favorite pet bed.


Round Macrame Hanging Shelves: Adorn a lonely corner or decorate in front of a window with a hanging macrame shelf like this stylish design. This piece features an intricate canopy with fringed details, its macrame ropes supporting three wooden shelves that are perfect for plants or decorations.


Small Macrame Air Plant Holder: Fill those empty spaces on a charming gallery wall with small touches of greenery using this macrame air plant holder. Sold individually, each plant holder features a supportive macrame basket finished with a long and breezy fringe. Hang one or create a creative grouping as pictured.


Macrame Plant Hanger Set of 3: Enjoy instant coordination with this set of three coordinated macrame plant holders, each one with a different design. Each plant holder measures at 39 inches from top to bottom and includes a sturdy hanging ring so you can display them right on any wall.

$168BUY IT

Large Macrame Wall Hanger for Plants: Take full advantage of your sunniest wall with this beautiful bohemian plant holder, able to support five potted plants all within the same stylish geometric theme. The macrame plant hangers are suspended from a rugged branch for a whimsical, highly organic appearance.


Long Macrame Wall Hanging Baskets: From trivets to appliance cozies, macrame can add tremendous charm and character to a kitchen setting. This 3-tier hanging basket is ideal for organizing items like fruit, herb planters, spice containers, and any other essentials that you want to keep within reach.


Small Macrame Fruit Hammock: This kitchen space-saver is wonderfully useful and irresistibly adorable. Use this little macrame hammock to keep fruits, veggies, or essentials like onions right within reach by hanging them right beneath your cabinets. Use the included hooks for wood cabinets or invest in a set of magnetic hooks for metal cabinets.


Infinity Knot Simple Macrame Wall Hanging: While macrame art is often defined by its intricate weaves, this piece offers a more minimalistic interpretation – instead of tightly knotting the ropes, this piece features braided cords neatly aligned to create an open and airy infinity knot composition. Because these types of knots offer a world of interpretive meaning, this design would be a fantastic wedding gift or housewarming gift.

$682BUY IT

Arched White Macrame Wall Hanging: Designed by Iowa-based artist Candice Luter, this minimalistic wall hanging is a fantastic complement for a macrame decor theme. The cotton ropes are woven into a rainbow-like arch in minimalistic white, the ends deeply frayed for a casual bohemian look. This piece measures at 48 inches in length to make a fun oversized statement.


Pompom Macrame Wall Hanging: Although this piece takes a loose interpretation of macrame, it’s a fantastic complement to boho-chic decor themes that embrace the fiber arts. This gorgeous design is crafted from natural cotton threads adorned with playful pompoms that punctuate the composition throughout.

$384BUY IT

Candice Luter Boho Macrame Wall Hanging: Woven with an elegant teardrop shape, this narrow macrame wall hanging provides strong dimensional appeal well-suited for individual placement or usage among a gallery wall. The macrame is woven from soft cotton rope and the attractive knob is crafted from spalted maple in a warm natural finish.


Moon-Shaped Macrame Dream Catcher: This charming moon-shaped wall hanging is made from natural cotton and includes a whimsical matching charm. This piece is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and other places that have a whimsical night or lunar-themed aesthetic.


Retro Macrame Owl Set of Two: Owls have been a favorite macrame theme reaching back to the mid-century macrame craze and even before. Of course, these charming accents remain just as popular as ever. This set of two can be hung together or apart – use to bring a playful retro look to any of your favorite spaces.


Minimalist Feather Macrame Wall Hanging: These gorgeous macrame feathers are truly ideal for bohemian chic interior decor themes. Each one is made from soft cotton and strung across a dowel of wood in a light natural finish. The feathers can be removed and used within your own projects.


Macrame Feather Wall Hanging: These beautiful feather wall hangings feature an especially intricate pattern. Use on their own, or string fairy lights across the composition to get a fun whimsical feel like the set in the photograph above. These miniature wall hangings are great for small casual spaces like dorm rooms.


Brown and Gold Extra Wide Macrame Wall Hanging: Measuring at an impressive 59 inches in width, this statement-making tapestry is a standout selection for serious focal placements. Each strand of 100% cotton cord is dyed using organic pigments for rich natural color. Use to flatter interior themes like southwestern, mid-century modern, bohemian, and more.


Orange Triangle Macrame Wall Hanging: A triangular frame makes this contemporary macrame wall hanging especially eye-catching. This piece is available in three colors – breezy white, rust orange, and minimalist modern grey. Each one is made from natural cotton yarns for softness and resilience. At just over 27 inches in height, this piece is easy to incorporate within a wall decor composition.


Round Macrame Wall Hanging Set: Ring-based macrame projects are especially well-suited to interior themes that emphasize modern geometric elements. This wall hanging pair is made with an iron hoop finished in gold, the cotton cords accented with matching metallic beads. Each wall hanging measures 36 inches in length.


Small Circle Macrame Wall Hanging: This beautiful wall hanging refines the spirit of macrame to a pure form. Each one is handmade by famed textile artist Nom – each one is made from pure cotton and beechwood with a sturdy hoop. This minimalistic macrame accent measures at 26 inches in length and 9 inches in width.

$198BUY IT

Extra Long Macrame Wall Hanging: Triple-hoop construction gives this unique Nom wall hanging an especially eye-catching appearance, perfect for minimalist interior themes that value geometric compositions. This piece measures at 49 inches in length – well suited for placements like stairwells, atriums, and narrow walls with high ceilings.

$178BUY IT

Brown Macrame Circle Wall Hanging: Pile-like fiber gives this beautifully fringed wall hanging an exceptionally textural look. This piece is made with cotton, beechwood, and just a hint of polyester. Display on its own or pair with other exciting handmade macrame selections by fiber artist Nom.


Colorful Macrame Ring Wall Hanging: Intricate framing makes this wall hanging equal parts macrame and metal sculpture. Bright yellow yarns are added to the typical cream rope, making this piece a sunny pop of color sure to brighten your favorite spaces. This piece measures at 45 inches in width and 40 inches in height to make an especially bold visual statement anywhere.


Boho Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging: While macrame is often associated with light ivories and neutral beiges, the possibilities certainly do not end there – these unique works of art also introduce endless color options to brighten the walls of any room. This playful design features a textural rainbow design flanked by pom-pom clouds.


Large Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging: This gorgeous oversized macrame wall hanging boasts every color of the rainbow, opening the door for endless coordination possibilities within colorful interior decor themes. This piece measures at 43 inches in width and 28 inches in height to serve as a strong focal statement anywhere.


Round Colorful Macrame Wall Hanging: Dip-dyed yarns give this playful circle macrame wall hanging an especially artistic look – almost like an abstract landscape. This piece is made with natural 100% cotton over a wooden half circle. This piece measures at just over 13 inches in diameter for easy placement along any wall.


Colorful Beaded Macrame Wall Hanging: Bold colorful tassels and playful wooden beads make this sophisticated macrame wall hanging especially engaging. This piece is fully customizable – choose from an endless selection of colored rope options and wood varieties to perfectly match your interior decor theme.


Green Macrame Leaf Wall Hanging: Perfect for a tropical decor theme, this beautiful wall hanging is adorned with soft macrame leaves in a variety of muted green tones. A driftwood hanger and wooden beads complete the nature-inspired aesthetic. The size and colorway of this wall hanging can be customized by the artist upon request.


Small Green Macrame Wall Hanging: Measuring at 17 inches wide and 21 inches in length, this handwoven macrame wall hanging offers a fun way to bring a splash of calming color to any wall. This piece is available in dark blue or muted sage green, each one fading to a late ivory toward the top of the cotton ropes.


Dark Blue Macrame Wall Hanging: Woven with striking geometric patterns, this gorgeous macrame wall hanging presents a chic modern appearance well-suited to contemporary spaces. This piece is available in seven versatile colorways – something for every interior decor theme.


Large Dyed Macrame Wall Hanging: Sweeping strands of dip-dyed cotton give this minimalistic wall hanging a strong expressive appearance, its tonal palette allowing for easy coordination. Choose from two neutral-leaning colorways. This large wall hanging is fantastic for focal placements – hang above a bed, a loveseat, or utilize its length to flatter a space with taller ceilings.


Beaded Pink Macrame Wall Hanging: Looking for a fun and easy way to display small photos, like those printed by today’s instant cameras? This playful tassel wall hanging comes with 30 miniature wooden clips so that you can suspend your favorite memories from the soft yarns. Choose from two colorways. This piece would make a fantastic decoration for a bedroom, a study space, a home office, or a dorm room.


Miniature Macrame Instax Picture Holder: To display just a few of your favorite miniature instant camera shots, this playful macrame photo holder is sure to delight. This piece is available in green or orange, both options featuring decorative knotwork and a long lower fringe. Hang just one or invest in a set to create a custom photo display composition.


Tassel Macrame Wall Hanging Picture Kit: Simple macrame tassels decorate this straightforward wall hanging design. Hang as a standalone work of art or use to hang your favorite photos and small trinkets using the 10 wooden clips that are included with each one. String with fairy lights to take this piece to the next level.


Phanta Modern Macrame Plant Hanger: The beautiful Phanta plant hanger is crafted from black macrame cord accented with contrasting white details throughout. Each one is made from recycled polyester for eco-friendly appeal, highly resistant against moisture for use with water-loving houseplants.


Green Macrame Valance: Going beyond just the wall, this beautiful macrame valance can add tremendous bohemian personality to a well-curated window treatment. Use on its own or pair with your favorite lace, sheer, or macrame curtains to keep your interior bright and personable.


Fringed Macrame Curtains: Elaborately hand-knotted from a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon, these fringed window curtains can tie together a window treatment composition while preserving valuable natural light. Use this curtain on its own or pair with semi-sheer panels for increased privacy.


Macrame Shower Curtain: Create the most magical bohemian bathroom retreat with this gorgeously handcrafted macrame shower curtain. This piece is made from heavy-duty fabric with weighted hems to provide solid coverage across the opening of your bathtub. Resin coating makes this shower curtain waterproof but pairing with a waterproof liner will prolong its life.


Round Macrame Wall Hanging Mirror: Mirror frames offer an unexpected way to incorporate macrame within your wall decor. This piece features a resilient acrylic mirror flanked with a beautifully knotted and fringed macrame frame in natural cotton. Choose from a wide variety of macrame patterns to mix and match to create a fun composition.

$534BUY IT

Oval-Shaped Macrame Mirror: This gorgeous glass mirror by Jamie Young features a generous macrame frame that measures 43 inches in height and 32 inches in width to make a bold decorative statement. The macrame is knotted from natural jute, perfect for interior themes like nautical or farmhouse chic.


Macrame Palm Leaf Wall Hanging: Unconventional materials can create breathtaking macrame wall hangings. This design is crafted from dried palm leaves that have been sun-bleached to produce beautiful tonal variation. Each wall hanging is hand-knotted by talented fiber artists, each one unique.

$110BUY IT

Cream and Black Macrame Wall Hanging: Handwoven fabric meets generous fringes, a beautiful marriage between tapestry and macrame influences. Contrasting coloration ensures eye-catching appeal. This piece is made from soft jute yarns and natural wood, measuring at just over 22 inches from side to side.


Black and White Macrame Wall Hanging: Beautifully knotted and dip-dyed in black and white, this exciting round tapestry is made to make a strong visual statement in any setting. This piece is available in two sizes – 20 inches or 23 inches. Choose from black and white, blue and cream, or rust red and orange. Hang alone or mix and match various sizes and colors to create a dramatic composition all your own.

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