Best Articles of 2022: Sources of Inspiration, Tools and Knowledge

2022 brought with it what is now known as the triple ‘C’ crises – COVID, Climate, and Conflict, with new environmental challenges, boiling disputes, and an ongoing health emergency, fueling a growing inequality, creating wider gaps, and contributing to more poverty. However, 2022 wasn’t only a year of difficulties, it actually opened up a closed-off world, allowing people to come together through traveling, events, and lesser health restrictions, to reflect on how to build “more resilient, sustainable, and healthy societies” that can survive current and future threats.

Always true to our vision of “empowering everyone who makes architecture happen to create a better quality of life”, the 2022 ArchDaily’s Best Articles selection highlights a huge spectrum of topics. Tackling past, present, and future, the themes explored ranged from the architecture of the metaverse and AI to history and theory 101, retracing stories, adjusting common misconceptions, and projecting a future that is already here. Moreover, this year, editorials offered more tips and ideas for everyone’s living spaces while also investigating the multidisciplinary aspects of the field, in order to broaden perspectives and present new notions. The very diverse ArchDaily team delved into territories, not commonly portrayed in the media, to tell the architectural story of every typology, community, and movement. Believing in contextuality and locality, inclusiveness, and leaving no one behind, our articles reflected our vision for a better world. 

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