Creating Chilled Modern Interiors Under 50 Square Metres

You may only have 50 square metres, or less, to play with but you want a stylishly chilled modern vibe. No problem. These two spatially challenged contemporary home interiors offer just the perfect spark of inspiration to get you started on your quest of quality over quantity. Take a look at how these two layouts overcome their limits by use of stylish furniture choices, cosy accents, and accessories that truly add a certain something to the compact space rather than just take away from it. We’ll also see a selection of lightly muted colour palettes that still have a good dose of oomph, because who said that small spaces have to be boring, right?

Designer: Kseniya Serebrianskaya  
Visualizer: Nataliia Klochko  

Our first modern home tour is a 50 square metre apartment located in Kyiv, Ukraine. A pearly grey section stripes the living room wall, creating a stylishly asymmetrical cut. The feature helps pull attention from the colour saturated L-shaped kitchen in the open layout.

A thriving family of indoor plants draws the eye around the lounge towards a minimalist floating tv stand and a pair of relaxed bean bag chairs.

A set of Scandi nesting coffee tables hang out with the greenery, providing a home for one of the many plants and utilising a spot of unused space beside the couch.

The brown sofa contrasts warmly with the cool grey backdrop. Black scatter cushions, picture frames and a modern back floor lamp provide punchy black accents.

The pyramid bean bag chairs offer a space saving solution for extra lounge seating, and an uber comfy spot for gaming.

Sliding along the open plan layout, a small round dining table is situated loosely in the scheme, with no pendant light or rug to dictate a static position.

The dining set casually overlaps both the kitchen’s tiled floor and the wood laminate lounge.

A green table centerpiece gives a laid-back little nod to the calming grey-green colourway of the kitchen.

Geometric tiles bring a fun focal point to the kitchen arrangement. Wooden cutting boards shape an earthy textural link with the natural wood grain dining set.

A flash of wood has been included in the design of hallway storage units too, where a recessed shelving nook is lined with oak effect panels. A ribbon of LED light draws attention to the small wooden accent, and to a set of drawers finished in grey-green paint to match the neighbouring kitchen.

The accent becomes much stronger inside of the green bedroom, with a bold green painted canopy stripe. A pair of modern wall sconces meld simply inside the colour saturation, whilst picture frames overlap and accentuate its cut edges.

A green knitted throw lays cosy, chunky texture into the scheme. A gold desk clock adds a fresh metallic flourish to the bedside.

The bedroom’s window area is sectioned off as a home workspace with the help of some lightweight grey drapes. A contemporary desk and elegant swivel desk chair furnish the wonderfully light-filled area.

The remainder of the space squeezes in a small lounge chair and more treasured plant stands.

Back in the bedroom domain, a dressing table tags onto a wall mounted media cabinet and storage tower.

A neat vanity stool pops a grey accent beneath the chic wood grain vanity table, and complements the roundness of the wall mirror. The beautiful glass vases are the Échasse vases by Menu.

The round mirror motif returns inside the bathroom, this time with a brightly backlit frame. Smooth wall tiles drop a soothing background in behind the bathroom vanity and a woven laundry basket. See more suggestions for unique laundry baskets.

White accessories draw out the bathroom sink.

A black framed shower enclosure makes a sharp addition, which is smartly matched by a black heated towel rail.

Razor thin toiletry shelves slice the shower wall.

In the second bathroom, with a utility combo, storage cupboards cast colour blocking into the mix. See pink bathroom ideas here.

A wall hung toilet leaves room for geometric floor tiles to have their moment.

This time the modern bathroom vanity is combined with a side-situated shelving nook, well stocked with fresh face towels and lotions.

A burst of greenery adds a fresh feeling to the small space.

Designer: Arkush Bureau   
Visualizer: Anton Gorbatenko  

Our next home tour takes place in a 45 square metre Japanese-Scandinavian style interior, located in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

A tinted glass wall lightly divides the living room from the bedroom, along with a unique lounge chair.

The minimalist bedroom features only a low level platform bed and a set of unintrusive wall units.

The sleek white closets disappear into the walls, with handle-free push latch doors.

A custom-made floating tv stand hugs around the lounge wall into the kitchen diner.

A trio of dining pendant lights draw the eye to an stylish pedestal dining table with an en vogue wood slatted stem.

The wide window nook makes a perfect spot for double workspaces.

The small kitchen backs on to the bedroom, which puts it out of sight from the lounge.

A wood slatted front door creates an intriguing feature.

Complementary panels back an entryway table and vanity stool area.

Wood grain creates gorgeous textural and tonal contrast against smooth grey tile in the bathroom.

The modern bathroom vanity crosses a wall of etched geometric tile.

The geo pattern engulfs the bathtub and shower wet zone too, creating one cohesive covering.

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