Eclectic Home Interior With A Colorful Spirit

Bold and colorful accents fill this eclectic home interior with a unique sense of style and fun bursts of energy. Designed by 梦太初, this is an interior design that keeps the eye moving and discovering at every twist and turn. Mesmerizing paintwork, patterns, and distinctive furniture pieces arrive from a broad and varied cross-section of periods. This curation builds a wonderfully layered aesthetic where the mind is never bored. In this home, we’ll tour a large, colorful, eclectic living space with a split-level layout and playful vignettes. We discover how a modern staircase design can be commanding yet elegant, and how one type of wall cladding material is never enough.

The eclectic living room is a wide and airy open space that’s flooded with natural light. French windows provide views out to the terrace and onto green landscaping. Inside, color abounds with a fun floral couch design. The low-slung sofa is bedded into a sunken floor level to create a cozy conversation pit aesthetic.

A rectangular glass coffee table
table takes up the center spot, on top of a geometric patterned living room rug.

A swing arm wall lamp punctuates the white wall with a stark matt black accent. Lightweight white drapes frame the French windows and filter out direct sunlight where needed.

The blue-tinted glass coffee table has a unique sculptural base, which looks like a model of a mystical mountain range. A coffee table book drops red contrast on top, alongside a decorative vase and bowl.

A multicolored rug and an eye-catching sideboard design create a fun pitstop between the conversation pit and the formal dining room.

Large format glossy floor tiles reflect the light.

The console table and multicolor rug are part of a small sitting area by an inviting modern fireplace. The array of colors in this area is repeated in the floral sofa and poufs to create vibrant cohesion.

Two teal armchairs make a wild, sculptural statement.

Beneath the staircase, a metallic gold club chair is partnered with a beautiful oriental cabinet to make a shining vignette.

A pair of small nesting coffee tables add a luxe golden touch in between the teal lounge chairs by the fireplace.

The formal dining room features a stunning jade green marble wet bar. The kitchen lies beyond, behind a glass partition.

A simple black modern fruit bowl provides a succinct centerpiece on the green countertop.

The dining room is clad with deeply decorative wall paneling under an acid yellow finish. The result is a classically-inspired statement with a high fun factor. A trio of decorative wall mirrors delivers a light, layered look to the bold focal wall.

Two modern wall sconces flank the mirrors with chic gold accents.

The round pedestal dining table is a large piece that accommodates up to twelve diners.

A glorious domed roof feature and a spectacular dining room chandelier echo the round silhouette of the modern dining table.

The dining room chandelier design offers the perfect combination of classic and modern detailing to suit the eclectic space.

Decorative vases are gathered into a modern dining table centerpiece.

An elevator moves between the floors of this luxurious home. In the elevator lobby, a gold console table is complemented by a golden round mirror. Gold candlesticks and decorative vases make lavish adornments.

Black and white tiles lay out a bold and luxurious floor treatment. Recessed arches frame art plinths that hold classical busts.

The lobby is raised higher than the TV room, giving it a grand appearance and an unobstructed view out into the grounds of the home.

A small set of steps lead down onto a glossy gray marble floor. An eclectic sofa arrangement is gathered around a unique, freeform rug design.

Ruby red upholstery sets a tufted accent chair apart from the rest of the neutral furniture composition. A modern magazine rack holds reading material beside the chair, forming a cozy reading nook.

Freeform chrome coffee tables make a highly-reflective twosome in the middle of the room, like drops of liquid mercury.

A unique floor lamp adds a brass, organic form between the traditionally styled sofas.

An array of scatter cushions add dashes of red to the couches, which tie in with the ruby accent chair. Abstract artwork makes small, intriguing moments around the walls of the TV room.

The TV wall is clad in striking gray marble that complements the gray tiled floor. Beneath the large TV screen, a modern linear fireplace cuts cleanly through the stone paneling. A traditional black upholstered chair is edged with a nailhead trim that becomes illuminated in the glow of the flames. Brass side tables complete the inviting fireside ensemble.

Feature walls in the lobby are clad in rich brown stone. The contrast between cool gray and warm brown marble helps with zoning and builds an image of opulent abundance. In complete counteraction of the heavily veined stone cladding, solid white modern wall panels bridge the lobby, covering from baseboard to ceiling.

Large and abundant flower arrangements add to the splendor of the space.

A designer console table is inspired by stacked stones under a gloss black and brass colorway. Decorative vases add further visual interest with pattern and light-reflective qualities on top.

The elegant staircase design is a crisp contrast of gray stone treads and clean white risers. Modern brass balustrades stripe the edges beneath slender walnut handrails.

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