High-end City Apartment Tour (With Floor Plan)

In New Jersey, USA, this city apartment is designed for young professionals who value style and comfort. Visualised by Kamran Karimov, this 98 square metre apartment, this elegant modern home is fashioned with cool grey decor that is counterbalanced with warm wood grain elements. Punchy black accents give the contemporary decor scheme visual weight, whilst modern light installations instil an atmospheric glow. Storage furniture is sleek and linear, smoothing subtly around the perimeter of an open, light-filled living room with panoramic windows. Earthy brown and green infusions colour the two bedrooms and bathrooms to provide visual interest and promote a sense of calm.

We start the tour of this modern city apartment in an open layout living space, which incorporates a cosy lounge area, a formal dining room, and a kitchen with a peninsula breakfast bar.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows break open the longest wall of the open plan living space, and wrap around a second adjoining wall to create a dual aspect panorama.

The sectional sofa echoes the line of wraparound windows with an L-shaped design. The back of the modern sofa is partitioned to allow more of the city view to show through.

The grey sofa complements cool grey concrete walls. Opposite the sofa, a TV wall is clad with visually warming wood grain panels. A recessed light feature draws a crisp glow up and over the entertainment wall.

A modern linear media unit runs beneath the TV, whilst a narrow tower of shelving cuts into a camouflaged wall of storage nearby.

There is an unobstructed flow from the lounge area into the dining zone to create one socially connected space for entertaining.

A dining room chandelier pins the open concept dining spot in position under its sizable wooden frame.

The black marble round dining table is encircled by black upholstered dining chairs, which seat four.

In contrast to the weighty dining room pendant light, a clear glass vase and floral display make a dainty table centrepiece.

The breakfast bar peninsula divides the kitchen from the rest of the open living space. The hob is situated here to allow the cook to be sociable while preparing dinner.

Two chrome kitchen bar stools invite guests to keep the chef company.

In the first of two double bedroom designs, a brown upholstered bed adds a warming element to cool grey bedroom decor.

A boarded focal wall adds a textural element to the room, whilst wardrobes carry a smooth concrete-like aesthetic.

Mini bedroom pendant lights descend upon a brown bedside table, whilst a recessed light strip cuts through a deep wooden window reveal.

The wooden window panels mark a bedroom reading nook.

A bedroom workspace is situated at the foot of the bed, where a linear suspension light spreads even illumination along the desk.

The desk merges with a bespoke floor-to-ceiling bookcase.

The lounge chair by the window introduces a chic black and white houndstooth pattern.

In the bathroom, it’s a modern linear vanity unit that sends a cut of contrasting brown tone through the cool grey backdrop.

The wall hung grey toilet coordinates with a granite clad cistern concealment wall.

A brown bathtub panel matches the vanity unit, creating one cohesive sweep of colour around the room. A modern toiletries shelf is mounted above the bath, where it introduces a bold black visual anchor.

A niche has been made inside the plumbing concealment wall to house a few select toiletries.

The second double bedroom is coloured with a deep green comforter. A walnut headboard panel complements the wooden interior of a glass-walled walk-in wardrobe.

A concealed ribbon of LED light glows across the top edge of the headboard to accentuate its great width, and to draw attention to a textured feature wall behind it. More LED light strips provide functional illumination to garment rails and accessory shelves inside the wardrobe.

A bedroom vanity table is wall mounted at the foot of the bed, where it benefits from natural light at the window.

The bedroom TV wall is wrapped by a light strip, which adds interest as well as functional illumination.

Fluted glass panels obscure the busy wardrobe contents from the restful sleep space, whilst accepting natural light into the dressing area.

A black modern wall sconce shines upon a low level bedside unit, which is incorporated into the bed design. A mature indoor plant complements the green bed covers with its lush green foliage.

A sleek stone hearth is set below the bedroom TV wall to create a platform on which to display a few decorative items.

Another potted plant adds a flash of greenery next to framed typographic artwork.

The TV wall is slatted to provide textural interest.

A unique modern wall sconce makes a soft night light after dark.

A mini pendant light illuminates the dressing table and a plush grey upholstered vanity chair.

In this ensuite bathroom, a unique bathroom sink sits a deep profile upon a textured modern vanity unit. A rattan laundry basket places complementary ribbed texture beneath.

A grey toilet contrasts with pale wall tiles.

In the shower area, a backlit narrow shelving nook is coloured with a tan tint, which warmly ties in with the wood tone elements in the bathroom scheme.

A multidirectional stem light illuminates the vanity area.

Mood board.

3D floor plan.

2D floor pan.

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