Infographics: 10 AutoCAD Features to Boost Your Productivity

In this video Shawn Hendriks explains some of the ways Showcase can be used and walks through the process of using it. Along the way he also covers many of the new features in the 2011 release. In this video at the start, use of Showcase has been expla...

AutoCAD has many features, too many for a regular user to use them all. However, there are some features are considered as essentials. Features that most AutoCAD users can get benefits from them. We listed 10 of them in our infographic here. Feel free to share it with your colleagues, or you may want to print and put on your desk. Consider it as a to do list, things that you need to learn when you have time.

You may not need to use all of them, but as I always say: don’t miss the opportunity to be more productive.