Light & Luxurious White Interior With Mirror, Metal & Marble Accents

The “Stoned In Love” apartment project is a light and luxurious white interior accompanied by mirror, metal and smooth marble accents. Visualised by Live In Design, the 87.3 square metre space in Bucharest, Romania, is a high-end abode filled with exquisite decor pieces and eye-catching modern line art. Champagne gold finishes add just a shimmer of warmth to ice white backgrounds, whilst whispers of palest grey introduce subtle shading. A luxurious bathroom design enters the realm of colour under a fabulous pink tinted statement wall, where the sweetness is counteracted by heavy black elements. Find the full floor plan included at the end of the home tour.

Three inverted arches shape a distinctive modern chandelier over the white living room, adding a shimmer of champagne gold.

A designer table lamp adds atmospheric uplighting to the TV wall, highlighting a wall of fluted gypsum panelling.

A mirrored strip crosses the ceiling plane, elegantly reflecting and doubling the beautiful pendant light feature.

Framed modern line art is propped in layers by the TV wall, adding a refined, cultural element.

The artwork is gracefully elevated upon a marble plinth, which forms an interlocking piece with the contemporary linear TV unit.

A slot has been cut into the textured gypsum panelling to seamlessly accommodate the floating tv stand.

A monolithic marble slab forms a glossy square coffee table at the centre of the plush lounge space.

The sharp marble coffee table beds down softly on a subtly bordered rug design. Smoke grey scatter cushions add tonal accents to the light L-shaped sofa design.

A ribbed glass door partially obscures the contents of a well stocked bar cabinet at the back of the room, revealing just a tempting glimpse.

Here, we can see how the slender mirrored ceiling panel forms a full arch around the living room, with vertical panels reflecting the room on each side.

A bespoke display shelf unit has been crafted around the living room door frame. LED shelf lights showcase intriguing design objects and a modest book collection.

A chic white sofa table creates a streamlined visual divide between the lounge area and an open walkway into the bedroom.

Concentric panel moulding adds large-scale interest to plain white walls, along with a hint of neoclassical elegance.

The ribbed face of the sofa table makes a cohesive textural link with the fluted gypsum panel TV wall, and with the glass drinks cabinet on the opposite wall.

The lounge stands open to a luxurious kitchen space, where the kitchen island is amalgamated with a beautiful cantilevered dining table surface. Champagne gold modern dining chairs are woven with a sumptuous white quilted backrest.

Champagne lustre drips down a luxe kitchen extractor unit, where a clean white hob is centred in the kitchen island countertop.

A matching champagne sheen flashes across the face of a wine glass storage shelf above the kitchen sink.

Black marble valves fashion a fabulously unique faucet.

Slatted ceiling panels bring the ribbed textural theme to the kitchen diner space, whilst a stunning backsplash draws upon the marble element.

Inside the bedroom, an upholstered bed, large area rug and thick drapes create a peacefully hushed ambience.

A unique tension pole floor lamp replaces one of the bedside units.

A slender frameless mirror doubles the effect of the captivating slimline floor lamp and its glow.

The floor lamp’s delicate gold tension poles are complemented by multiple gold support stems beneath a custom-made desk design.

Panel moulding places decorative frames around the luxury white bedroom.

A houndstooth upholstered bedroom chair is teamed with an art display, where a unique self-illuminating marble plinth displays a classic bust.

A trio of full length mirrors reflect a piece of interesting wall art. Two of the racetrack shaped mirrors also double as entry doors for the bedroom’s walk in wardrobe/dressing room. A slatted ceiling panel marks the change in zone.

The line art forms a focal point upon entering the bedroom, and is conveniently lit by a low hanging bedside pendant light.

The bedroom pendant also sheds light upon a small gold side table.

The modern pendant’s champagne gold finish and tubular glass fixtures coordinate with the floor lamp on the opposite side of the headboard, without being traditionally twinned.

Houndstooth upholstery creates a common theme between the vanity stool and the bedroom chair.

A winged headboard design, soft grey duvet and silvery grey woollen bed throw create a cosy aesthetic.

Great swathes of white marble with thundering grey veins encapsulate the bathroom.

A contrasting black marble side table is included in the impressive shower area, to hold fresh white towels. Fine golden trims delicately touch the edge of the shower screen.

A captivating pink feature wall draws the eye to the vanity area, where a solid black marble base supports a unique pedestal sink design.

Golden tension poles bring mini shelves close to the basin, to hold essential toiletries and an aromatic reed diffuser.

A black toilet balances out the dark volume belonging to the pedestal basin design.

The apartment floor plan reveals a generously sized dressing room, measuring 9.3 square metres, situated just off the entry hallway. We can also see where the trio of mirrors in the master bedroom give entry to a private dressing room, lined with closets and a makeup vanity.

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