Lively Eclectic Red & Green Interior

Located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, this eclectic home interior is filled with characterful pieces and lively red and green accents. Visualised by ToTaste, the unique home has a floor plan of 80 square metres that has been lightly sectioned with glass panel walls. A glass wall bedroom is hidden mysteriously behind a theatrical red curtain and a glass backed bookcase, whilst the home office camouflages under blinds that coordinate with the creamy living room walls. The kitchen is a festival of colour, fusing red, green, modern white and traditional wood tone cabinets into an eclectic feast for the eyes. Check out the 360º panorama at the end of the tour for an immersive viewing.

The red and green interior is alive with unique personality. A moss green sofa bursts forth from a background of flame red curtains and a tonal red rug design.

Behind the built-in bookcase, the red curtains draw back to reveal a glass wall bedroom. An arched doorway perfectly frames the bed at its centre.

A tray top coffee table pouf drops a simple black accent in the midst of the colour. A comfortable grey lounge chair adds another neutralising note, whilst creating waves with its curvaceous silhouette.

A mixed array of scatter cushions add extra excitement to the L-shaped modern sofa. The cushions bring in the room’s red accent, plus calming cream elements that tie in the fresh wall colour.

A framework of black arches close in a glass wall home office design.

With the wall of the study retracted, and the bedroom’s double doors flung open, the home becomes one large living space where the homeowners can wander freely and socially interact.

In its fully opened state, the office becomes neatly connected with the bookcase across the glass bedroom wall.

A cosy reading nook fills up the back of the double workspace, offering the inhabitants a more restful spot for study–or as a getaway from the main living room.

A classic black swivel chair is seated at a conventional desk height, whilst the second workspace setup can be used as either a standing desk or with a high swivel stool.

The desks contrast in their aesthetics too, with the former taking on a traditional rustic vibe, and the latter cutting a contemporary line.

The sharp modern home office desk melds darkly with the black door frames.

An internal window makes an unusual feature, with a view through the bedroom’s ensuite bathroom.

Modern home office cabinets surround the reading nook and make use of the room’s height.

A red ceiling adds a playful final touch.

Brass chandeliers dance around the concrete ceiling of the lounge; copper swing arm wall lamps put the kitchen under spotlight.

Indoor plants spring up around the furniture, adding bright explosions of foliage.

No area of the home has gone untouched by the riot of red and green, which keeps the eye moving and exploring.

The TV is given a place between the windows and two long window seats, though the projected image on the kitchen wall provides a better viewing angle.

Black window blinds balance out the other ebony accents in the room.

Wine storage nestles in the back of a bright moss green kitchen island. A green glass vase polishes up the front.

A fusion of modern white, traditional wood tone, green and red kitchen cabinets cook up an eclectic feast.

Open kitchen shelving closely underlines the projected TV, so that the space isn’t left uncharacteristically bare when the projector is off.

Mixed and matched kitchen bar stools jostle for their place at the island.

The kitchen’s red cabinet aesthetic blazes on down the hall, cladding one wall of interior doors.

Red cushioned bar stools visually heat an enclosed balcony area, with views over the city.

Another small workspace is tucked away at one end, where one of the windows has been transformed into a useful cork memo board.

A geometric stag art print adorns the remaining wall.

Industrial style swing arm wall lamps follow the geometric framework of green bedroom wall panelling. A vivid red ceiling accent draws attention to the height of the room.

The headboard of the platform bed has a classic silhouette, which smoothly contrasts with the distinctive statement wall.

A textured geo rug extends the cool grey upholstery of the bed. The ensuite bathroom’s green barn door goes almost unnoticed amongst the panels.

A decorative mirror adds another hint of tradition to complement the bed frame.

Even with privacy curtains drawn back, the bedroom still feels like a cosy cocoon behind the book stacks.

Moss green tiles encase most of the narrow ensuite bathroom space, with grey alternatives sprinkling subtle pattern over the floor and cistern wall.

Multi bulb Hollywood style bathroom vanity lights brighten the dark decor.

With the bathroom door closed, the internal window to the study is the bathroom’s only source of natural light. A flush fitting bathtub skims beneath it.

The apartment has a second bathroom, which doubles as the laundry room. A stacked washing machine and tumble dryer setup saves on floor space.

The bathroom cabinets have a handy integrated laundry basket.

Walnut cabinets make up a symmetrical, storage rich vanity area.

Green herringbone tiles colour the floor of the predominantly white bathroom scheme, and create cohesivity with the rest of the home.

View the 360 panorama here:

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