Lushly Landscaped Modern Australian House [Video]

A two-story linear volume of concrete and glass, the Toorak Residence cuts a sharp line at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in Melbourne, Australia. Created by ADDARC, the 1227 square meter home design communicates a minimalist aesthetic with underlying luxury. Behind the understated exterior, the interior offers a spacious living experience. High-end furniture is installed within a laconic palette of black, charcoal, and deep brown. The depth of color creates a dramatically dark contrast with the sunny terrace. An outdoor living space allows family life to flow easily inside and out. A swimming pool laps at the edge of the patio, cutting a ribbon of blue through a lush modern landscape.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath  

The modern home exterior peers above a pale concrete boundary, which has the house number debossed on its raw surface. Exterior lights illuminate the feature from dusk.

A bold black gateway stands at the head of a sleek slate pathway.

A blanket of turf grows between the paving stones, rolling out an emerald carpet across the width of the plot.

Neat plant beds trim the base of the concrete boundary, whilst treetops emerge from within the courtyard.

The upper story is a mass of glass that shimmers in the midday sun.

Inside the concrete perimeter, a green vista opens up. The sunlight plays upon the foliage to create changing shadows upon a glossy black entryway.

Within the modern landscape design, repetition is used to create a sense of crisp uniformity and effective contrast.

The pivoting front door is a huge and impressive wooden design. The entryway is decorated dramatically in slatted black japan stained timber and matching black granite floor tiles.

The dark palette continues into the rooms that branch off the hallway. Bright and colorful works of art bring bursts of life to the interior. The extensive art collection includes pieces by Michael Armstrong, Richard Stringer, Dale Frank, Richard Blackwell, Guan Wei, Vera Möller, Morgan Shimeld, Martia Figueiredo, and many more.

The restrained interior palette and forms let finer details come to the forefront. Plant life emerges like bright jewels from the shadows.

Climbers enliven a sharp, contemporary colonnade across the edge of the terrace. The ropes of greenery tie the patio into the lush green landscape that lies beyond.

The terrace is the hub of the home. An outdoor lounge and an al fresco dining area occupy the largest patio, providing ample space for the family and all of their guests.

The lap pool stretches past the length of the main outdoor living space, glowing bright blue with temptingly cool water.

Plant borders feather the edges of the pristine patio area, keeping all spaces close to nature.

Sunlight and shade play through the double-height gallery and onto the landscaped oasis. A covered balcony area echoes the aesthetic on the floor above.

Gray columns and shutters draw strong vertical texture down the home design, armoring it from the elements.

The bold architecture creates a jarring juxtaposition against the gentle folds and flow of nature that flourishes around it.

Monolithic stone installations and sculpted in-situ concrete build a commanding aesthetic that’s filled with intrigue.

In the outdoor living room, high-end furniture cuts contemporary silhouettes against the dark backdrop.

Massive outdoor planters provide beds for thriving shrubs and small trees upon the terrace tiles.

Around the corner, modern sculpture brings in an unexpected moment of whimsy.

Huge glass doors pivot on their axis to provide ventilation through the ground floor of the home. They also open up the side of the house to a pathway of discovery through the pretty landscape.

Away from the open plan living space, smaller, cozy rooms offer moments of solitude. Dark decor envelops plush furnishings, fashioning a timeless appeal.

Objects of interest punctuate the darkness, along with lustrous brass light fixtures. White veins strike across a black marble feature wall like bolts of lighting in the night sky.

In the formal living room, a large white modern sofa contrasts with the black wall decor and granite floor tiles.

The procurement of soft furnishings was made in collaboration with Minotti London. ADDARC designed several large-scale bespoke pieces to correctly fit the space.

White scatter cushions punctuate the charcoal outdoor sofa to brighten the terrace.

The formal dining room is an enormous space. Modern dining chairs seat up to eighteen people. Modern brass light fixtures are paired above the table to properly illuminate its exaggerated length.

Peacock decor is used to form a colorful and lavish dining table centerpiece that is worthy of such a ceremonial space. Parquetry flooring is stained dark to match built-in cabinetry and wall paneling.

A white marble kitchen island and backsplash slice cleanly through the shadowy decor scheme. See more inspiration for marble kitchens.

The luxury bedroom design is a layered masterpiece of curated art and chic furniture. Plush velvet pillows perfectly match a channel tufted end of bed bench in deep petrol blue. The headboard wall complements a stunning book-matched marble fireplace wall.

The master bedroom is separated from the rest of the private bedrooms on the upper floor by a glass bridge. The bridge creates an elevated feature above the home entryway, where sunlight floods in through a translucent veil of clear glass bricks. A custom pendant light draws a sculptural outline in front.

Glass brick walls bring natural light into tight corners and stairwells. They allow a glimpse of the environment outside and the changing weather.

The lower level of the home includes a guest suite, a home theater room, a wine tasting room and cellar, plus a wellness area with a gym, sauna, and steam rooms.

Secluded gardens separate the house from parking facilities.

Cascading ivy tumbles between levels.

Garden follies are planted alongside specially-sourced specimen trees.

Basement floor plan.

Upper floor plan.

Ground floor plan.

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