Minimalist Home And Haven Of Calm

This comfortable minimalist interior is a haven of calm with pure, warm white walls, matching plush furniture, and soft floor coverings. Visualized by Z Vision, this home design is large and luxurious whilst retaining a serenely laconic and pared-back scheme. The living space is an inviting open concept with an impressive double-height void. Towering windows fill the space with natural light that gently diffuses through sheer white voiles. A modernly styled Asian tea room dips below the mezzanine level, though it still boasts a generous ceiling height above its stunning travertine table. The home also features a remarkable cinema room with a star-like light installation, and a cute balcony full of adventure for the homeowners’ cat.

The double-height living room is both impressive and comforting in its generous dimensions and peaceful color scheme. The sofa is situated in the brightest spot, stretched out between massive dual-aspect windows. The tea room nestles cozily underneath the overhanging mezzanine.

A round rug helps to zone the main living space from the open-plan tea room. A modern lounge chair and a unique bench seat edge the area rug, alongside the curved couch. The TV wall stands opposite, with decorative log storage tucked in its base.

A round glass coffee table adds natural wood tone to the center of the white living room with spherical walnut feet. On top of the table, an ornamental ring echoes its outline. A stack of coffee table books provides more casual adornment.

The log storage nook is clad with travertine that subtly warms the white home interior, and complements the light wood tone floor.

A ceiling-mounted fireplace descends from the underside of the mezzanine floor. In this position, it warms both the lounge area and the adjacent tea room. Behind the tea table, LED strips strike a warm glow around a wall of storage cabinets. This feature is echoed in the mezzanine room above.

Up on the mezzanine, a home library is simply furnished with a wall of made-to-measure storage cabinets and shelves. A round rug marks out a cozy reading nook with a comfortable reading chair.

A faux fur rug adds warmth and texture to the unique chair. A slender black floor reading lamp and a rustic wood side table complete the reading nook ensemble.

The minimalist kitchen is a U-shaped installation of units with a dining island at its core.

Four modern dining chairs add a sculptural element to the stark room.

A decorative bowl provides a textural dining table centerpiece.

The first minimalist bedroom design is fashioned with warm shades of white and slender black accents.

A circular light installation adds a unique feature to the simple room design.

The walk in wardrobe is a luxurious space filled with bespoke garment cabinets, drawers, shoe storage shelves, and custom-cut mirrors.

LED strips bring the closet to life.

The master bathroom is a generously sized space with an eye-catching stone bathroom sink and a fabulous half-moon vanity mirror. A ribbon of LED light accentuates the mirror’s widely curved edge.

A glass bathtub adds a warm hint of espresso to the space, softly illuminated in natural light from the floor-to-ceiling bathroom window.

In the shower enclosure, a rainfall shower head appears to extrude from the ceiling itself.

The second bedroom design conveys a more tailored approach, with a sleek wall of headboard paneling behind the platform bed. An orb bedside table lamp is set on a striking stone ledge, which bridges the gap between the bed and the dressing room.

The modern home office offers another wall of custom storage, which helps to keep the minimalist home free from clutter. Marble shelves cut through the center of the storage wall, applying a beautiful touch of luxe. A black desk has a commanding presence against the light backdrop.

In the modern kid’s room, a unique kid’s chair is shaped to look like a cozy porthole. For the first time in this home, a flash of green injects uplifting energy. A set of steps lead to platforms above the built-in chair and bed to increase play space in the room. See more ideas for kids’ beds.

The kid’s bathroom design is small and succinct. A floating vanity unit makes the floor space appear larger by keeping it clear. A wide vanity mirror increases the sense of space.

In the home theater, the light decor palette prevails with white walls and a white curved sofa design. A white projector camouflages into the ceiling color.

A round faux skylight glows above the curved sofa, whilst a galaxy of star-like spotlights shine beside the projector wall.

A round coffee table places a weighty black accent at the center of the room. The coffee table provides a visual anchor in the white space until the lights go down. Then, the black table fades away into the shadows rather than distracting from the movie.

The covered balcony is used as a haven for the feline members of the family. Stylish cat furniture is applied at each end of the small balcony to build a playroom and relaxation space.

A variety of open-sided and closed-in nooks are available to suit the cat’s moods and needs.

Modern landscaping includes clean white pebbles, stepping stones, and render, plus a majestic tree.

A garden statue appears to dance across a bridge above the water feature in the courtyard, illuminated by outdoor lamps.

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