Norm Architects frames countryside views at Suffolk holiday home

Exterior of Pavilion House by Norm Architects

A deliberately simple steel-framed form with almost entirely glazed walls defines this holiday home, designed by Danish studio Norm Architects to frame views of its rural setting in Suffolk, UK.

The dwelling, called Pavilion House, comprises a main building and studio annexe alongside an existing barn.

Low-lying holiday home in Suffolk
Norm Architects has created a rural holiday home in Suffolk

Norm Architects took an approach of “tranquillity and simplicity” in its design, ensuring the home does not distract from its natural surroundings and complements existing structures on site.

“There is a certain humility within the architecture, acknowledging that the big-ticket item in the setting is indeed the countryside,” the studio explained.

Exterior of Pavilion House by Norm Architects
The low-lying house sits on a basalt plinth

“The design of the house is all about transparency; nature becomes an integral part of the interior,” Norm Architects continued. “It doesn’t try to compete with it, but frames it instead.”

The long, thin form of the Pavilion House sits on a podium made of dark basalt, which also doubles as a terrace around the building.

Larch-clad buildings
Larch cladding has been used on the exterior

“A pavilion house of this length, surrounded by an imposing countryside, needs to stand proud and so we introduced a dark basalt podium as the foundation of the house,” said the studio.

This podium is sheltered under the large overhang of the home’s flat roof that features a dark steel fascia and a stone chimney.

Interior of Pavilion House by Norm Architects
The home is designed to frame views of its surroundings

Vertical planks of local larch wood clad the exterior, broken up by the large expanses of glazing in the living, dining and kitchen area and the bedroom block at the other end of the house.

Inside, the main living area is open in plan and organised around a central brick core that incorporates a wood-burning stove. This separates the lounge and dining spaces, minimising the need for internal doors and walls.

“Wherever you find yourself in the house, there’s a seamless transition between its different functions,” explained Norm Architects.

“Wherever you choose to look out, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the glorious surroundings; the architectural structure never spoils the stunning views,” it continued.

White-walled kitchen by Norm Architects
The interiors have a pared-back material palette

Continuing the theme of simplicity, Norm Architects finished the interiors of Pavilion House with white walls, pale wooden floors, and furnishings in wood and earthy tones.

In the bathrooms, darker colours and finishes such as polished concrete have been chosen to help “create a sense of sanctuary”.

Bathroom with polished concrete surfaces
Dark tones feature in the bathrooms

In the annexe, which mirrors the appearance of the main home, there is a bedroom and bathroom, alongside a small sauna and spaces for laundry and storage.

The existing barn that previously dominated the site has been reduced in size and now houses a games room. This structure has also been fitted with solar panels and rainwater harvesting facilities to act as an “eco-workhorse” for the dwelling.

Wooden sauna
An annexe contains a sauna

Norm Architects was founded in 2008 by Kasper Rønn Von Lotzbeck and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. It used a similarly pared-back approach in its recent design of a forest retreat in Sweden, which involved the conversion of a traditional timber cabin into a series of light, open living spaces.

Other projects by the studio include a minimal family getaway in Sweden called the Archipelago House and a black-timber Fjord Boat House near the border of Denmark and Germany.

The photography is by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

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