Perspective Spiral Staircase Drawing Process – One Step at a Time

Built on one of Montreal’s most beloved landmarks and urban family escapes, Mount Royal Park, the kiosks are both a poetic and practical response the surroundings. And through their specific uses and architecture, the kiosks appear to tell us a story – one that has been told for countless generations. Following the spirit of F.L. Olmstead creation, the uniqueness of each individual kiosk is the result of their integration into the park in the most discreet and harmonious manner possible. Not only respecting the environmental integrity of the mountain itself, but blending in with the poetry of the landscape, and all this with an eye on longevity. The three new kiosks, each an original building, take on the shape of the hamlet.

Perspective spiral case drawing is something that requires more of the artist. He/ she needs to know the basics about this type of a staircase, so he/ she could make the drawing functional in reality. There is an experience needed as well because one lead to another and everything is connected. Knowledge about the steps, risers, and all other elements that would make the staircase functional need real dimensions and position. Only this way the drawing will be successful! Perspective Spiral Staircase Drawing Process - One Step at a Time

Perspective Spiral Staircase Drawing

Spiral staircase drawing needs more than just a sense of art! It needs static, dynamic references that in reality are connected with the use of a simple spiral staircase. See the drawing proces here!


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