Separation Lines Between the Architect and Civil Engineer

the hotel’s location in the hills of koh samui allows guests to enjoy the stunning panoramic views, whilst also experiencing unique elevated beaches.

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Separation lines between professions are making their obligations specific even if they connect one another. Actually we all expect from the architect to develop the project for outside and inside of a building. They should plan well where to put the rooms getting enough light and ventilation. They should plan appropriate area usage for the family needs, or the needs of the investors. The architects, before constructing a building, draw a plan of it. Sometimes they make a cardboard or plastic model of their project. Even then the building is built by a construction company which follows the directions of the plans for the building.Separation Lines Between the Architect and Civil Engineer

Separation Lines Defining Civil Engineer’s Job

Civil engineers design, build, supervise, operate, and maintain construction projects and systems in the public and private sector. They are working with: roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. Also civil engineers may work in design, construction, research, and education.


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