Seven Responses to a Simple Question: Why do you study Architecture?

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Seven responses to a simple question should give creative answers that will express the right feelings why you chose architecture studies? Yes, there are more then five responses and there are more interesting and exciting careers as Librarianship, Oceanography or Medical Physics… But what led you to choose Architecture precisely as the course of your life? The most common answer is that Architecture is in the group of careers chosen by vocation, like Medicine, to which people were born to exercise them. But, that’s dull and non expressive answer people don’t get!
 Seven Responses to a Simple Question: Why do you study Architecture?

Seven Responses to a Simple Question Why Architecture?

1. Because you are an adventurous person who likes sports as free fall, hang gliding, abseiling and knowing that the College of Architecture is an adventure as well.

2. You always liked to draw, but in spite of being a bohemian you know how difficult it is to earn a living as a painter or a draftsman, so there is nothing better than an Architecture faculty;

3. You always wanted to be the center of attention of your friends. Now you will always be the first to be reminded of them when they need to ask if they can enlarge the house or a new window opens in that room;

4. Because on average we spent 23 years of our life sleeping and you always thought this was a waste of time, so the college of architecture was the solution to stay awake day and night for a useful cause.

5. Because being an architect becomes a cultured and interesting person. They think you know everything and your opinion is very valuable

6. Because You’ve always known that architects are rich professionals with a place guaranteed in the society.

7. Because You was always romantic and liked to see the dawn and being a student of this career has the privilege of seeing it studying at least three times a week…


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