Technology of Building a House of Firewood and Clay

Technology of building with natural materials like clay and firewood is ancient. In the areas with large amount of forest the technology of housing construction from pieces of wood is very developed. There are different kinds of solutions with these wooden building materials. In Canada, this technology is called Cordwood, in Belarus and Ukraine clay, and in Russia – woodpile. In fact, this technology is a masonry on a solution of wood chutes or chipped firewood. The thickness of the walls depends on their length. Clay – as a technology of building a house is also familiar as building from firewood. As it is not strange, the wood inside the clay solution is very well preserved.

Technology of Building with Clay and its Benefits

  • Low cost in comparison with other popular technologies
  • Effective use of thermal energy
  • Ecological cleanliness
  • Ease and simplicity of work
  • Fire resistance
  • Building with your own hands
  • Clay, sand, hay, sawdust can be also used for building


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