The 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale as a Healing Experience: In Conversation with Curator Lesley Lokko

Onsite, in Venice at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, ArchDaily had the chance to meet with the curator Lesley Lokko to discuss the first impressions and the main themes of this edition of the Biennale, following up on the previous interview recorded before the opening of the event. Featuring 63 National Pavilions, 89 Participants, and 9 collateral events in the city, the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale represents one of the most important international events for the architectural profession. The conversation addressed Lesley Lokko’s approach to curating the theme and focus of the event, understanding Africa as “The Laboratory of the Future,” the desire to bring both authenticity and empathy to the architectural discourse, while creating a space for voices not typically heard in global exhibitions.

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