40 Dark Kitchens That Look Delicious

Food is seductive, so your kitchen should be too. Create sultry allure with a kitchen design that walks on the dark side of decor. It will reward you with a sense of ceremony around meal times, an air of sophistication, and a confident wow factor that is sure to impress dinner guests. This collection of 40 dark kitchen designs offers a delicious slice of inspiration for decor schemes with breakthrough accent colors, eye-catching focal points, futuristic styling, sleek breakfast bar designs, and elegant kitchen islands. We’ll also take a look at cool kitchen lighting, chic kitchen bar stools, flooring inspiration, wall art, and attractive open shelving displays.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi  

Restrained highlights. Dark surroundings allow this sleek white marble kitchen island to stand out as the shining star of the show. A matching marble table draws the eye to a neighboring dining spot.

Visualizer: Andrey Vladimirov  

Create a colorful heart. In this matt black kitchen design, a fiery red center section makes a hot focal point. Two kitchen bar stools draw out the bright accent.

Visualizer: Design At Sketch  

Go bold in scale. A massive extractor hood hangs heavily above a central kitchen island in this layout. Its scale demands attention in the darkness.

Visualizer: Gabriel Gehrke  

A light interlude. Matt black cabinets and wall paint sets this small kitchen flat into the background of an open plan living room. A light wooden countertop and upstand bring it to life.

Designer: BIG Design  
Source: Vancouver House  

Push the boundaries of design. In this modern kitchen, a curvaceous island design makes an impactful statement with high-end flair.

Visualizer: Who Cares Design  

The best of both worlds. Teaming black kitchen cabinets with a fresh white wall decor creates a bold aesthetic that maintains an airy atmosphere. See more black and white kitchen ideas.

Visualizer: Visual Method  

Futuristic flair. You may not have the budget to remodel the windows of your home to look like this futuristic abode but a geometric island design speaks volumes.

Source: Modulnova  

Define the breakfast bar. When the rest of the kitchen is a cohesive arrangement of black units and countertops, pick out the dining area with a contrasting bar surface.

Visualizer: Polyviz Studio  

Another contrasting breakfast bar design.

Architect: Chamberlain Javens Architects  

Play with materials. It’s possible to add interest to a black kitchen purely by switching around materials. This striking black marble kitchen island stands out beautifully against plain black units.

Visualizer: Valentinstudio 3D  

Just a touch of bright teal is enough to completely transform the look of a dark kitchen.

Visualizer: DWARF studio  

Use light to spell luxury. Here, we see wine storage walls under glowing illumination. A textured backsplash is highlighted under a ribbon of LED light.

Visualizer: Aleksey Demchenko  

A cut above the rest. In this black and gold kitchen arrangement, a slice of gold cuts away from the black kitchen island to create an extraordinary feature.

Visualizer: 33bY Architecture  

In this shining black and copper kitchen, metallic kitchen units are complemented by stunning light fixtures and matching copper bar stools.

Visualizer: Alina Nykonets  

Raw and rugged. Naturally rough around the edges and impressive to behold this rock-based kitchen island gives the design scheme real weight.

Visualizer: Alexandr Tyan  

Sculptural light show. A black background allows light fixtures to draw attention, so branch out with unique sculptural designs.

Visualizer: Evgenia Belkina  

Curves and curiosities. Add intrigue with unexpected cutaways in sleek cutaways. This curvaceous breakfast bar framework displays sculptural art. A piece of wall art echoes the smooth lines with its mount.

Visualizer: Caio Rodrigues  

Bright zoning. A red finish draws attention to cabinetry around the window in this dark kitchen design. Clean white tiles set the prep area apart from dark appliance housing units.

Visualizer: Aeroslon  

The freestanding effect. Surrendering plinths in favor of exposed legs gives a heavy black kitchen design a more lightweight look.

Designer: Joanna Laajisto  
Photographer: Mikko Ryhänen  
Source: Lundia  

Open kitchen shelving can be stacked with both decorative and useful kitchen paraphernalia to brighten a dark kitchen.

Visualizer: Alessandro Isola  

A gravity defying cantilevered dining island gives the room an open and spacious appeal.

Visualizer: Yan Baev  

The dramatic divide. Use all black kitchen decor and appliances to create a color-blocked saturation of color at one end of the room, whilst the dining area is finished in a high contrast white scheme.

Visualizer: HDR Designer  

Stacked to last. Double and triple bank wall units to take storage space all the way up to the ceiling. Planning extra storage space now will serve you well into the future.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Natural wood elements, a stack of books, botanical displays, cozy lighting, and a chill out corner creates a welcoming boho vibe in a dark kitchen.

Visualizer: Plasterlina  

Here comes the sun. Solid yellow or orange accents make a warm and cheerful interruption in a dark setting.

Visualizer: Julia Sultanova  

Bank it. Create solid banks of black units and white counterparts to play with the perception of space.

Visualizer: Polygon  

Think outside the box. A smoked glass case around the extractor and island lighting makes a unique feature in this dark kitchen diner.

Visualizer: Javier Wainstein  

Never drop the theme. Even the kitchen island lighting is darkly finished in this example.

Visualizer: Emotion School  

Introduce industrial charm.

Designer: Elena Torceva  
Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

Just a glimpse of gold is enough to promote a look of luxe.

Visualizer: Mirish Mirzayev  

Arrange light wooden inserts around the dark kitchen to create a rustic cubist charm.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Living linearly. Long wall shelves, a built-in planter, and a linear suspension light creates a long, streamlined appeal.

Visualizer: Studio M6  

This stone kitchen island and feature wall looks like it’s been a part of the property for centuries.

Visualizer: Anastasia von Off  

Cool gray and cognac make a tasteful pairing.

Designer: J.C design studio  

Raw concrete builds a moody aesthetic.

Visualizer: Giant Ant & Thành Kiến  

A series of distinctive design choices gives this kitchen a personal touch.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Thread black accessories all the way through, from the pendant lights to the knife holder.

Visualizer: buro511  

Build black marble and moss green majesty.

Visualizer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

Relax a formal kitchen design with a loose light fitting.

Visualizer: Emrah Ugur  

Employ metallic finishes to reflect natural light into the dark space.

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