51 Shower Space Designs That Are Fresh And Fashionable

As one of our homes’ most frequently used areas, our shower space demands due attention. There is an abundance of designs to suit bathrooms large and small, and everything in between. Shower subcategories include walk-in designs, entirely open showers, freestanding fixtures, bathtub and shower enclosure combos, and more. To help you source your ideal look, we’ve put together a varied selection of shower space ideas that are fresh and fashionable. We’ve included tips on how to make your space look unique, including inspiration for stylish shower shelves, bathroom lighting, shower tiles and wet walls, and complementary bathroom decor to bring the whole look together.

Visualizer: Artem Shelipov  

A brush with nature. Why build a simple shower enclosure when you can create a mini courtyard to shower in? Add a skylight to fill your space with natural daylight and fill with indoor plants that will flourish in the light and steamy environment.

Visualizer: Omar Riad  

This open courtyard shower space includes the bathtub too. A small tree and ornamental rocks build a Japanese zen garden appeal.

Designer: Aidling Darling Design  

Large and in charge. This wide, glass shower space commands the bathroom and dwarfs the bathtub and vanity areas around it. The shower enclosure receives light and lush views from a floor-to-ceiling window that looks out upon a private garden.

Designer: Audax  

A room within a room. This bathtub and shower chamber is so large that it appears like a room all of its own. Massive windows light up the spacious enclosure. Just outside of the doors, an assortment of wall mirrors reflect the sunlight and green views into the back of the bathroom.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Walk in and wade. Create a wet zone walkway to the tub by installing your shower space directly in front. Here, the bathtub is accessed via an elegant stone step.

Visualizer: NT viz  

Frolic in the forest. Let climbing plants go wild across rendered walls and fashion a pathway of stepping stones across smaller pebbles to create a forest-like ensuite bathroom experience.

Visualizer: NT viz  

Bathe beside the beauty of a cherry blossom tree with a planted walk-in shower design. Clad the walls darkly to let the bright blossom be the star of the show. Install a black stone bathtub to complete the dramatic ensemble.

Visualizer: Artimitro Interiors  

Draw attention to a smaller shower space with an eye-catching tile design. These geometric wall tiles fashion a cool stylistic moment within a minimalist black and white bathroom decor scheme.

Visualizer: VN Studio  

Open up the heavens with an elongated skylight. If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by woodland, you’ll receive a glorious view of the canopy. Clear views offer uplifting cloudscapes and twinkling stars.

Designer: David Coleman Architecture  

Smaller bathrooms benefit from the openness that a wet room installation brings. By tanking the area, you can do away with cumbersome enclosures and screens.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

Saturate with color. By using tinted concrete over bathroom walls and floors you can create a rich and striking color-blocked scheme.

Designer: Philippe Starck  

The center of attention. Shower spaces are typically confined to corners and flat wall expanses, but it doesn’t need to be the case. Construct a column of rainfall at the heart of a bedroom and dressing room combo to achieve a fabulous feature.

Source: Agape  

Alternatively, a shower stand breaks free of the room perimeter whilst confining the plumbing to the floor.

Design a deluxe dual aspect. Join a skylight with the bathroom window to attain a seamless, wraparound shower space vista.

Designer: Designshop  

Next-door neighbors. Glazed chambers formed around the shower space and an adjacent toilet create a sleek, streamlined layout.

Designer: mw|works architecture + design  

Twin heads under a glass tier-fall make a view for two.

Designer: Dipen Gada And Associates  

Shower inside of a light well that illuminates the rest of the bathroom too.

Visualizer: Aleksandr Menchynskyi  

A traditional over-bath shower is not the most unique option. However, a ceiling-mounted rainfall shower head over a custom-built cement bathtub tells a different story.

Source: Ariostea  

The sideshow. Behind the glass of this large enclosure, the shower area plays a lesser role than a pebble-lined courtyard.

Designer: Khosla Associates  

Tag on a low-key soaking area with a sunken bathtub design.

Visualizer: E Space  

Another tandem sunken tub design, this time with a dual aspect view of tropical plants. Two steps leading up to the bath and shower platform build a sense of ceremony and grandeur.

Source: By Cocoon  

A journey of discovery. Hidden behind a concrete dividing wall, this shower space unfolds along a pathway of cement stepping stones, laid upon a lake of white pebbles. Ceiling beams filter the sunlight that streams through a wide skylight, causing light play in the unique chamber.

Designer: Khosla Associates  

Play around with planters. Transform an open and spacious shower space by bringing in an assortment of planters that can be moved around to reinvent the layout.

Photographer: Danang Seta  
Source: Airbnb  

Planted borders and an open skylight merge an outdoor shower with the local habitat. White subway tiles make crisp white contrast against a black herringbone floor.

Via: Happynest  

Walking into this shower enclosure is a step outside into the fresh air and sunshine. Climbing plants spill over the concrete shower wall to create a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere.

Visualizer: 4balance design  

Darken down for drama. Dark wall treatments create a darkly dramatic atmosphere that quiets the mind at the end of a long busy day. Add fluted wall texture beneath recessed spotlights to highlight points of interest.

Visualizer: Begüm Çeliker  

Play into challenging room shapes with custom-cut shower screens and windows.

Source: Inax  

Take advantage of high ceilings by installing an elevated staging area for the shower, tub, and even the toilet. Underline the arrangement with a striking linear vanity unit.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

In a minimalist bathroom, it’s not what you add, but what you subtract that achieves a successful design. A standing shower removes any disruption from the wall. A tanked floor removes the requirement for a shower tray or splash screen.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov  

Barely there. There is strength in creating a knocked-back shower design in order to let other aspects of the bathroom take the limelight. In this example, a central vanity podium is atmospherically lit around its base to create a floating effect whilst the shower goes almost unseen.

Visualizer: Illya Kovalchuk  

This simple shower design allows an arch-shaped wall recess to retain all of the attention.

Visualizer: US Visuals  

Create a curved and colorful extravaganza with a cylindrical shower chamber and statement tiles.

Visualizer: Marina Vanteeva  

Split a small bathroom into equal sections for the shower, bathroom sink, and toilet to build cozy compartments of convenience.

Visualizer: Belzberg Architects  

A large shower space is great, but small conveniences like a toiletries shelf or a shower bench make it even better.

Designer: A.T.O studio  
Visualizer: Ursa Studio  

Plumbing encasement walls offer opportunities for recessed shelving units both inside and outside of a shower enclosure. Choose a contrasting tile or backing material to make the storage niche a standout feature.

Designer: Nazar Tsymbaliuk  

Linear layouts. By perfectly aligning a shower space with the end of a beautiful bathtub, the bathroom takes on a streamlined appearance. In this home, a pebbled border on the floor draws attention to the precise pairing.

Visualizer: Lule Lee  

Elegance under arches. Carve out a shower chamber with a series of curves and archways for a classic aesthetic.

Visualizer: THETOUCH studio  

Brass-framed enclosures strongly outline the shower area with a warm metallic luster.

Visualizer: Alexander Muraveiko  

Differentiate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom design with contrasting tiles.

Write a story of romance with floral plants and a sun-kissed skyscape.

Visualizer: 杨先森i  

Twinning is winning.

Visualizer: J Lozgar  

Concise and to the point. Bearing the same tiles and accent metals this small ensuite shower area flows effortlessly without visual clutter.

Visualizer: Studio Open  

Stylistically soothing, this color-matched matt gray shower and sanitary set conveys a calming aesthetic.

Designer: SAOTA  

Set a large bathtub low in the floor to allow the eye to wander directly to your shower area, particularly if it has a view like this one.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Kiraidt  

Perimeter lighting makes a huge difference in a shower area, especially when paired with textural wet walls.

Visualizer: Kamran Karimov  

As an atmospheric alternative to perimeter lighting in a shower, consider a floor-to-ceiling column of backlit shelves.

Visualizer: Andrey Vladimirov  

Risk a red accent shower room design. It’s not conventional but it certainly stands out from the crowd. Set a red shower shelf against a black wet wall, and don’t shy away from a color-matched toilet.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

A yellow accent shower room brings the joy of summer sunshine all year round. Use the accent boldly on shower fixtures, matching yellow faucets, a yellow-framed shower screen, and a statement vanity unit.

Designer: Three Boys And A Pink Bath  

Pink shower walls make sweet contrast with living greenery, whether inside or out. Add black fixtures and fittings, plus matching black window frames to bring visual weight to the light and sugary decor scheme.

Visualizer: Nikolay Shevchenko  

Create a cool industrial meets boho aesthetic with concrete wet walls and wicker bathroom lighting. Here, the shower area dips low into a platform floor to form a stepped entryway into a small courtyard.

Designer: CplusC Architectural Workshop  

Make your shower space the doorway into your pamper room, like this unconventional yet welcoming layout.

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