A Collection Of Calmly Laconic Interiors

This selection of calmly laconic interiors comes from the works of Anastasia Zhurikova. Whilst these visualisations do not depict a singular home design, they sport a connected colour palette of warm greige and natural wood tone around a similarly smooth minimalist style. Rounded furniture silhouettes and naturalistic pieces give these interior spaces a welcoming and relaxed essence that promotes a feeling of well-being. The light, soft neutral colour palette quiets the mind and brings peace to the soul. Soothing and serene, this gallery of greige offers inspiration for open plan living spaces, tranquil bedroom designs with a mild modern flavour, and contemporary minimalist bathroom designs.

This subdued greige living room design has an easy flow from lounge to kitchen diner. A bespoke mirrored room divider makes a light-reflective partition that increases the sense of space despite the visual block. In front of the mirrored divider, a greige sectional sofa melds quietly with the surroundings, whilst the living room rug introduces subtle texture.

A modern living room floor lamp appears sculptural in the minimalist living room layout, free from the visual clutter of any additional decorative items. The TV too is mounted in solitude, bar a low linear media unit that skims close to the floor.

A round coffee table nestles into the bend of the L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement.

Bookshelves are set into the greige stucco of the living room wall. A designer lounge chair is set near the book stacks to form a reading nook.

Behind the mirrored room divider stands the formal dining area. A wooden table and mid century modern chairs accommodate up to six diners. A set of three extraordinary dining room pendant lights make a naturalistic installation with fabulously oversized impact.

Behind the wooden dining table, one wall of base units makes up the minimalist kitchen design. Concealed LED strip lights set the perimeter aglow.

A decorative tray makes a stylish yet simple dining table centrepiece.

We move on into a peaceful modern bedroom design with similarly stuccoed greige decor. A white marble side table introduces a flash of pattern and a slice of luxury to the minimalist scheme.

Lightweight drapes have been colour-matched to the walls to achieve one cohesive flow that lets the eye rest.

A rattan headboard gently curves around the wooden platform bed to create a subtle winged effect.

A light area lays softness at the foot of the bed, over wide wood laminate flooring planks.

The side table that serves the other side of the platform bed sports a white marble element too, which connects the bedside units despite their differences in silhouette. An elegant white bedroom pendant light hangs low over the table, offering focused reading light.

Only a book and a candle adorn the tabletop in the laconic bedroom.

A light bed set complements the bedroom rug. A taupe bed throw threads in a darker, contrasting tone.

A small bedside table lamp ties in with the white opalescent finish of the bedroom pendant light.

Over by the window, a wood and rattan bedroom chair is teamed with a small floor lamp to fashion a comfortable reading area.

of the bedroom. A single piece of art stands casually propped upon its surface.

A couple of books are left near the reading chair.

The small floor reading lamp brings in a flash of warm metallic lustre.

In this grey bedroom design, all furniture and accessories take to the floor, with a floor bed design, a floor-hugging bench, and a couple of floor lamps. A fluted ceiling treatment draws the eye up.

One slimline floor lamp extends reading light over the pillows, whilst its smaller counterpart chases shadows away from the corner of the room down by the mattress.

The light also radiates across a piece of modern bedroom wall art, where warm brown tones are introduced to the decor scheme. Bed covers are made from natural fibres and a peaceful tonal colour palette.

The bedroom wall art is by Alla Lebedenko.

This luxuriously large bathroom design is sectioned to make the bathtub area into a private secluded area. The tub hides out behind a partition wall that accommodates a double sink bathroom vanity and a huge freeform bathroom mirror.

Two spherical modern wall sconces flank the large bathroom mirror, adding a concentrated glow into a dispersed lighting scheme of recessed bathroom spotlights.

Wall-mounted bathroom faucets hold a minimalist line above the beautiful travertine bathroom sinks.

A travertine vanity countertop complements the stone bathroom basins, whilst the base of the racetrack-shaped vanity unit adds wood-slatted texture to the bathroom ensemble.

Behind the central partition wall, a freestanding bathtub is teamed with golden taps and a raw stucco backdrop to create an underplayed scene of luxury.

The plumbing for both the vanity area and the bathtub is concealed within the thick partition. A linear shelf is recessed into the wall to provide neat toiletries storage within easy reach of the tub. A line of LED light softly illuminates the narrow nook.

On the bathroom wall that stands opposite the twin basins, a series of unique wall shelves echo the racetrack-shaped silhouette of the vanity unit. The three long shelves offer generous storage space for all of the homeowner’s favourite lotions and cosmetics.

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