Commenter thinks BIG’s Calgary skyscraper has “more a wine bottle than feminine shape”

Danish architecture studio BIG has unveiled the 222-metre-high Telus Sky Tower in Calgary, Alberta

In this week’s comments update, readers are discussing Danish architecture studio BIG’s 222-metre-high Telus Sky Tower in Calgary and other top architecture and design stories.

The studio revealed photos of the skyscraper, which was completed in 2020, showing its twisted design that was created to signify the shift between the office and residential programs of the building.

The skyline of Calgary, Alberta, featuring a new curvaceous tower by BIG. The sky is cloudless and it is nearing sunset, reflected in the buildings.
BIG unveils Calgary skyscraper “composed to form a feminine silhouette”

“Architects don’t half talk some twaddle”

Commenters were not convinced by BIG founder Bjarke Ingels’s statement that the curving form “gives the tower a sense of femininity in the midst of a more masculine skyline”.

“More wine bottle than feminine shape,” joked Idracula. “Awkward might be a better description,” he continued.

Zea Newland thought that the tower looks like “their Vancouver skyscraper but upside down”.

“Not the first time BIG has recycled designs from other projects by flipping or turning the massing, and it certainly won’t be the last,” responded Jacob Volinski.

“It’s a nice building but architects don’t half talk some twaddle,” said Muckers270.

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An office chair that is capable of driving at 20kmh is shown front-on, in a darkened office space with some low blue lighting behind.
Volkswagen unveils drivable office chair that can travel up to 20 kilometres per hour

“Liability insurance for the office space just went through the roof”

Commenters reacted to Volkswagen’s office chair prototype that uses the same technology found in its electric vehicles.

Ivan Stephen was not impressed: “So instead of doing its part to address climate change, VW puts its efforts into crap like this.”

“The Volkswagen chair is as far from an office chair as you can get,” added Johann van der Merwe. “What type of work is done in this ‘office’?”

Jack Woodburn was of the opinion that “liability insurance for the office space just went through the roof.” “Collisions of two or more racing or duelling chairs at 20 miles per hour,” he added.

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Looking through airy courtyard corridor of brick building with openings and windows and blue sky beyond
IIMA renews plans to demolish Louis Kahn dormitories

“If it really is unsafe, it sadly needs to go”

Readers are discussing American architect Louis Kahn’s dormitories that are once again under the threat of demolition with the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad backtracking on its decision not to demolish them.

The decision to end restoration works due to “a safety concern” for residents, sparked mixed feelings among commenters.

Tom Roberts didn’t agree, claiming the demolition plans are “more hogwash from people who have no respect for great architecture”. According to him, the better alternative would be to “move the people out, fix it and move the people who want back in”.

“If it really is unsafe, it sadly needs to go,” disagreed Zea Newland. “There is the argument that other historic sites in India are dangerous to the public, too, but I would argue that if you have to budget your efforts of elaborate renovations, it makes sense to prioritise older structures and those that have spiritual significance.”

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Timber-clad street of houses in modern-style housing development
Brett Farrow creates “chiseled” houses for Laguna Row development in California

“The more I look at this development, the more I like it”

The Laguna Row Development, which is made up of cedar-clad row houses in San Diego, was designed, developed and constructed by California architect Brett Farrow and has encouraged conversation among readers.

“Handsome,” said Zea Newland. “Glad to see America catching up on efficient land use while ensuring the units are desirable thanks to privacy and views.”

“Really lovely,” commented Izzy. “Love the density.”

Apsco Radiales shared similar views: “The more I look at this development, the more I like it.” “Very classy inside and out,” he added.

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