Exploring Brazilian Home Design Through Wood Accents & Colourful Art

Natural wood accents and colourful artwork breathe life into these four Brazilian home designs in Vitória, each expertly visualised by Felipi Falcão. Open plan living spaces give these modern homes a welcoming, social vibe, which is confirmed in large dining spaces that are furnished to accommodate many guests. Fitted furniture pieces are bespoke, designed to fully utilise the generous room dimensions to their greatest purpose. Atmospheric mood lighting schemes soften the light interior decor schemes, and accentuate the warm wood grain elements that add texture and depth. Large windows load the interiors with natural sunlight too, along with beautiful views of Brazil.

Designer: Mariah Cardoso  

Modern wall art adds an electric blue current through the living room of our first Brazilan home design. A green scatter cushion makes a single, fun colour clash on the sofa.

In front of the sofa, an ottoman coffee table is teamed up with two wood and glass counterparts to make a long arrangement down the centre of the lounge. The wood-clad TV wall is in fact a robust structural wall, which became a determining factor in deciding the home layout. Whilst the wood cladding warms the light living room decor scheme, soft mood lighting conjures an atmospheric, cosy vibe.

Down at the far end of the spacious living room, large windows create a bright and welcoming sitting area. Colourful wall art suits the sunny aspect, and brings personality to the neutral decor palette.

Two modern chairs with ottomans add solid apricot accents by the windows. A small side table and an elegant lamp fashion the seating area into a functional reading nook.

A large area rug runs beneath the living room, stopping short at an open plan dining room.

Inside the dining room, another comfortable couch offers more seating options. The wooden dining table is large enough to seat up to eight people.

Three dining room pendant lights spread even illumination down the length of the large dining table.

Chilled wine storage is set into a nook inside the dining room, bringing beverages close to the table.

Indoor plants freshen the restrained decor colour scheme.

A gold floor reading lamp and a comfortable reading chair round out the furniture layout.

Behind the living room’s structural TV wall, a custom-made console table stretches its full length, adding golden wood grain to a narrow walkway that’s awash with natural light. A gallery of bright artwork adds a cheerful touch.

Designer: Fontoura Grasselli  

Brazilian modernism, contemporary Italian pieces, and urban finishes style our second inspirational home design.

A wooden coffee table is teamed with a tan leather ottoman coffee table to make a tonal pair.

A white modern sofa calms the colour palette. Black powder-coated industrial style lighting makes stark contrast.

The custom-created TV stand presses honey-toned natural veneer into the modern living room. Wood slatted panels are highlighted under a soothing LED glow.

Punchy orange accent chairs compete for attention against brightly coloured wall art.

A translucent lounge chair offers sizable seating without blocking the view of the adjacent dining space.

Glass pendant lights are grouped along the length of the large, rectangle dining table, which seats up to ten people.

On trend rattan panels and orange seat cushions style the wooden dining chairs.

Designer: Mariah Cardoso  

Our third Brazilian home design in Vitória features a beautiful indoor vertical garden, which gives a small informal dining area an alfresco appeal.

In the lounge area, a long media unit and equally long wall shelf span the full TV wall. Coffee tables and an ottoman are grouped together to amass length in the centre of the room.

A linear suspension light illuminates the main, formal dining area, which seats six to eight people.

Colourful artwork draws the eye over to a rattan console table and a unique, wall mounted tower bookcase.

The kitchen is small but rich in natural light. A pair of kitchen bar stools place warm wood tone against a chic white marble kitchen island.

Modern wall sconces gently light the TV wall, and LED ribbons define the perimeter.

Behind the living room sofa, a round rug is used to clearly zone a sociable seating area. A temperature controlled wine storage unit makes this area into an open plan wine tasting room. A swing arm wall lamp provides task lighting, whilst LED strips warmly highlight wooden wall shelves.

Modern art decorates the home entryway, over a cushioned bench and a wall mounted entryway table.

Designer: Mariah cardoso  

Contemporary design meets established modernist design in our fourth Brazilian interior. Eye-catching art curations and hand-picked furniture create an inviting aesthetic. Colourful coffee table books brighten up an elegant white ​​marble coffee table.

A slimline wooden bench functionally edges the lounge area without cutting off the rest of the room.

Wood clad walls build a cosy look.

Modern wall sconces attractively flank the wall mounted TV.

A tall floor lamp serves as a bright visual stop between the lounge and the kitchen diner.

A round pedestal dining table is beautifully complemented by an elegant dining room pendant light, which rains golden strands above. A white marble kitchen backsplash coolly contrasts natural wood base units.

Green accents pop against the golden wood perimeter in the shape of modern art and attention-grabbing lounge chairs.

A small collection of books brings colour to the home entryway. A round mirror reflects more bright book spines on the opposite wall.

Designer: Ana Paula Dadalto  

Finally, our fifth Brazilian home design boasts a large living space that is punctuated by large structural pillars.

Blue artwork adds a peaceful hue to the scheme.

A wooden TV mount complements the wood herringbone floors.

Indoor plants add height and texture to the living room layout.

In the kitchen, a tall glass-fronted cabinet dominates the aesthetic, where a collection of clean white dishes cross the wooden shelves. A wood and white kitchen island design crisply complements the display case.

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