Japandi Spaces That Evoke Calm Energy

Japanese and Scandi decor styles meld harmoniously into stylish Japandi spaces. The two modern Japandi home interiors that we feature here today evoke feelings of calm and serenity, which are the perfect antidote to the stresses of a hectic daily life. Home design number one is a warm, minimalist space with rich brown accents and modern wooden elements. The living room is an open-plan arrangement with restful energy, and the bathroom is a retreat of refined luxury. Our second Japandi home interior has a spacious living room with a traditional tea room extension. A lattice room divider replaces the classic shoji screen, while a chabudai table and zabuton cushions build a traditional aesthetic.

Visualizer: Nikita Afinogenov  

A white sofa places a cloud of calm in the center of our first open-plan Japandi living space. The light upholstery makes pale contradiction with surrounding wood tone elements. The split, modular design allows the eye to meander freely through the large piece of furniture, ensuring that the whole room remains connected.

A rich brown living room rug places a warm accent beneath the white couch. It complements the natural wood tone of the L-shaped kitchen behind.

Wooden window frames punctuate the pale beige walls with warm interludes. A vertical radiator draws a dark stripe between them.

Round  nesting coffee tables bed down on the brown area rug, adding black and beige accents.

On top of the round coffee tables, decorative vases hold refined botanical displays. Coffee table books and a small figurine complete the arrangement.

Two small lounge chairs are paired to span the side of the rug. The slender black lamps beside them are Sampei floor lamps designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese.

The living room TV wall is clad with a combination of smooth and slatted wood panels to create a textural feature.

A floating media console unit is mounted underneath the TV screen, creating a decorative surface for table lamps and a small collection of books.

At the back of the open layout, a dual-height kitchen island also serves as a regular height dining table.

The higher end of the kitchen island is used for food prep. The dining surface of the island is situated closest to the window so that the view can be enjoyed whilst eating dinner.

A reeded glass carafe and glass tumbler form a practical centerpiece on an attractive white marble tray.

The refined, beige bathroom design features an open shower space with bold black fixtures.

A freestanding bathtub is raised upon a stone plinth to create an air of grandeur and luxury.

Visualizer: Esmael Abdelhamed  

Our second Japandi home design is brightly lit, thanks to a wall of windows that look out onto a peaceful treetop view. A large living room rug creates an island of deep texture beneath a linear modular sofa and a sculptural lounge chair.

Two ottomans are placed in front of the windows to offer extra seating without blocking the view or natural light. A large palm plant adds color and texture to the corner of the room. The plant is framed by elegant stucco arches, and backlit by a linear wall lamp.

Low coffee tables create an interesting structure at the heart of the living room.

Behind the modular sofa, a lattice screen divides the lounge area from a traditional tea room design.

The lounge chair pulls up beside a luxe gray marble hearth. Coffee table books and a carafe and tumbler set decorate its sleek surface.

The open-plan tea room is elevated upon a wooden plinth, creating a clear divide from the living room. The lattice room divider serves as a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese shoji screen.

Modern wood-slatted panels decorate the walls of the tea room.

A traditional chabudai table and zabuton cushions furnish the space.

Wood slats bridge the ceiling, which gives the tea room a completely different feel from the rest of the living space.

The kitchen and dining room design builds a lively appearance with a series of open-plan shelving installations. Three dining room pendant lights draw firm focus to the eating area.
The light shades are paper to hark to a traditional Japanese aesthetic.

Modern dining chairs seat six at the wooden dining table.

A stone decorative bowl is filled with acorns to fashion a natural dining table centerpiece.

Next door to the tea room, there is a small reading nook. An open-sided tower of shelving links the two areas. Wooden framework forms an extraordinary, circular vignette of the outdoor view. A striking black floor lamp extends over an Etcetera Lounge Chair by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet.

In the master bedroom, wood panels clad the window wall to frame a dreamy window seat. A brown upholstered bed complements the natural wood tone.

The bedroom TV wall is underlined with a luxe marble console shelf. Slatted panels build attractive texture around the TV screen.

A small, paper bedroom pendant light sheds light on a stone bedside table. More wood wall cladding defines a storage area with cupboards and open shelving.

Brown scatter cushions give the window seat a cozy, welcoming appeal.

A traditional rug adds a subtle pattern to the bedroom.

Outside on the terrace, there is a small swimming pool. Plant beds border the water with lush greenery. Two outdoor chairs pull up poolside, while an outdoor couch and coffee table are tucked back into the shade of the shrubs.

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